Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beauty Torture & Other Magic Potions

Most women know what this is:
Ahh yes... how many of us have tried to get that "natural curl"? Eyelashes have a purpose, but we want them to be beautiful too.  They accent our eyes, and draw the attention to your eyes. I wanted to give you a little History lesson about lash curlers, but, got kind of freaked out seeing all the new eyelash curler products... heated, crimpers, and now that stuff that is suppose to make them grow longer & thicker... Brooke Shields endorses that but, come on Brooke... You had GORGEOUS eyelashes, eye brows and hair. (So not fair).  My daughters were very blessed with long gorgeous eyelashes...must be a Gonzalez thing not a Meyer (my maiden name) thing.
The other day, I found this lash curler in my beauty stuff drawer. Haven't tried it in many years. The pads still were good (ever "cut" your eyelashes? not me, but know someone who did with an old bad curler). So, anyway, I carefully get my lashes in this contraption, grip it together, and as I reopened it... ready for this? PINCHED THE OLD LADY EXTRA SAGGY SENSITIVE SKIN UNDER THE CORNER OF MY EYE!
Luckily it didn't cut me and I managed to rub push whatever my skin back where it goes (Had a wedding, didn't want to look scary). I think I am officially too old for eyelash curlers.

Found a few other things I have purchased and ended up in "the beauty drawer"
Check these "beauty" items out.
The only products I use up and really love and would buy all the time if I could still afford them is Philosophy ~ Hope in a Jar, Hope in a Tube, when Hope is Not enough, and the Microdelivery.
In my defense, I did not buy all the above products. Some were given to me.
By The Way go HERE and HERE for a couple of posts on the Victoria Secret Body By Victoria product. (I still love it although it's scary.)

I got a bunch of this too.
Always trying to find that perfect lotion! (and yes, that is the Nivea cellulite lotion potion..always trying to get a magic potion for the ole legs problem area). Lancome Body Delisse is my all time favorite body lotion and body scrub. I discovered it at the Lancome Spa in South Beach Florida and savor it! Hard to find though. I pretty much have to get it on line, as the Lancome counters rarely stock them anymore. (story of my life, the stuff I love is never cheap or easy to get).

Why do we always try so hard to "fix" stuff on us? Why do we strive to have that perfect skin, perfect hair, and perfect body? Why do we care?


Fire Byrd said...

Eye lash curlers.... Nooooo! They terrify me. But potions and lotions oh bring it on!
When I think how my day doesn't start till I have cleansed,applied eye gel by tapping my fingers around the eye area to get it absorbed. Using serum, wonderful product, followed my moisturiser, then leaving my face alone for a while to let that lot sink it. Only to return to apply a base coat followed by foundation et al then it's no wonder I'm almost destitute!!! I have though had to start using less expensive products so that keeps me from debtors prison!!

Linda said...

How funny, lol. Actually I use an eye lash curler every single day and have since I was probably 14. I have very thin lashes and it's a must, otherwise you don't see them at all.

As for all of the other stuff - I'm very minimalist. My basics are the eyelash curler, mascara, a little blush, matte powder, and a little tinted lip balm. I never wear foundation and have always just washed my face with good ole' soap and water and don't use creams on my face, but I do like fragranced lotions/balms and spritz fragrance.

Vanna said...

I stopped caring.....oh wait, I never cared! hehe. I just do not see a point in taking so much time to "pretty yourself up" when all women (yes all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds)are NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Some of the things these girls are doing (Pats age) are going to end up hurting themselves later on. I wake up in the morning, wash my face, put my hair in a ponytail and slip on a t-shirt and jeans with my tennis shoes and I am out the door. I know I look most beautiful in my most comfortable clothes =)

Bee Lady said...

That was hilarious about the skin and the eyelash curler thingy. I think I'll toss mine when I come to it in my make-up drawer. I'll need to toss a lot of stuff in that drawer. I wear very little make-up anymore.

Someone bought some of my bees honey last Fall to put in their greek yogurt. Maybe you should put a little bit of honey it and see if it helps.

Cindy Bee

Reality Jayne said...

i love Philosophy Miracle Worker....lovely. Good ole Bag Balm is good on lips...
Ya wanna know something totally toxic?...A dab of Soft Scrub on an out of control zit. I was desparate once, tried it, and now at the first sign...dab dab..
PS eyelash curlers are a must

bj said...

OMYGOSH...I could not LIVE without my eyelash curler. I use it every single day...
Clinque is my makeup and skin care and I never look for anything else.
As for what to cook in your cast irons...cornbread (of course:), biscuits are absolutely WONDERFUL cooked in them..crispy bottoms...
cinnamon rolls, just about anything.
xoxo bj

janis said...

you are all so funny!
Cindy~ Funny you said that about the Honey as I also tried last night Dannon Greek Vanilla w/ honey. It was interesting, I think I liked it, but not loved it♥

Mark Pressley said...

I don’t understand you girls and all that work I love my wife just like she is and yell at her all the time no make up. She has the prettiest curly hair and she straightens it? I know other woman with straight hair that curls it WTF?

Girls are pretty just the way they are