Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Leg Lift

I am loving this Hottest Body by Victoria Secret!

Today is day two and I feel like I am getting a little leg lift. It's really a body lift but I am using it on my thunder thighs. It reminds me of when I am using a ton of hair spray and get it on my face, and my face gets tight.

It's kindof trippy spraying it on. It crackles (which scares me) and it instantly smooths out your skin! It reminds me off ironing clothes. The slacks that you pop in the dryer to get the wrinkles out~ that is my cellulite legs. The slacks that you just pressed~ that's my legs after putting on this Victoria Secret magic.

Two thumbs up!
BUT- 1. I am still afraid of catching on fire
2. They are discontinuing it!!!

1 comment:

sroman said...

If you have thunder thighs, I'm going to take my tree trunks and move to another country. Glad you like the poduct but there is no magic cure.