Sunday, July 6, 2008

CAUTION! I am Extremely Flammable

I have been complaining for some time about the cellulite that has appeared on my body. I saw this stuff from Victoria's Secret, and wondered if it worked, but at $29.00 I didn't want to "waste" money. Then like most stuff, it went on clearance. It was half priced plus I had a $10.00 gift card, so, at $4.50, I figured it's worth a shot. Worst thing that could happen is that I love it and can't find it anymore hence it going into clearance.

So, I tried it out. I am thinking, "About time I feel like I have a hot body again!" But, then as with all things, there isn't always that silver lining.

I started reading the ingredients. Something on the box caught my eye "CAUTION EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE" hmmmmm.

The top ingredient is BUTANE. What? Yes, Butane, that stuff they use in lighters. Cool. I get it. I am going to have a hot body alright, I will freakin' catch on fire! Read about me online in the news: Woman Combustion After Having a Hot Flash!

What the Hell? I betcha a man invented this stuff! If you don't hear from me, you will know, "don't buy's a killer!" If it is okay, I don't go up in flames and that cellulite burns off, I will gladly let you know.

Maybe Fat Burners are also made of Butane.

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sroman said...

Throw this away. If you're feeling the need, get on your treadmill.