Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweet Tea

It's a Sweet Tea kind of day.
I made mine with Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Herbal Tea, and threw some cherries and an orange slice in. I guess it's not really sweet tea... Sweet tea is Southern sun tea with a ton of real sugar thrown in. But this will have to do for today.

There is a gentle warm breeze, high temps...
My neighbors empty hammock.. (why oh why do they NEVER use it? I wanna go jump in with a book and some sweet tea...)  One of these days I'm gonna do it. They are so nice, they wouldn't mind... However, I would rather just have one myself & not lay around their yard...

My weekend at the Bestie was Fabulous.  We didn't do much. That is what made it so fab.  We did exactly what we intended... laughed, ate, and was lazy.
Something about completely vegging with a Bestie... It is heavenly.   It was plenty hot down in southern Tennessee.  We lounged in the pool on Saturday morning. Until it got too hot.  Then ran off to see a movie (Bad Teacher...cute predictable chick flick. Not grand, but fun). We also grabbed a bite out.  But, mostly just talked the days away, watching HGTV, sipping on wine, and eating fabulous cupcakes.  Early Sunday I was back on the road for my 8 hour drive home.  I love her dearly and wish she was a few hours closer at least.

Monday, Hubby left for a business trip. Gave me a great opportunity to clean the carpets. Then I watched a bunch of goofy Lifetime Movies.

Tuesday, I visited a couple of Hospice patients and had a funeral to attend. 

By 6pm I was starting the Yoga class, breathing for the first time all day.

After class, some of us went out to a nearby Italian Restaurant. Iozzo's Garden of Italy.  Oh Baby! Made that workout worth every struggle!  Ohhhh old Italian Restaurants are the best!  We sat outside, again, enjoying this amazing gentle summer breeze we have been blessed with lately.
Carol, Me, Jill, Joann & Jerrilee
What beautiful women.
Inside as well as out.
They have incredible souls and I feel such joy being in their presence.

The Hubby is home from his business trip early. I am trying to catch up on blog readings.  Boy, its easy to get side tracked then takes forever to catch up! 
I just wanted to let you all know that I am well and busy.  I guess that is good. Even though I have a lot I wanted to blog about & never seem to enough time.
Love to you all~

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Going to Merino Manor

Merino Manor
Heading to the Manor in Tennessee tomorrow.
It's a grand house...
Which houses the Darling Duchess Deborah and her sweet Family.

It's nearly an eight hour drive from my casa to her manor.
I'm so looking forward to the drive.
It is peaceful and well, fun.
You see, when you drive solo...
YOU choose the music, and you can sing along...

I can eat all the munches I want.
notice the healthy stuff too please
(The York Pieces are in the freezer, Raisinets and carrots & grapes in the fridge.
Coffee will go with me as well as Diet coke & my McAllisters cup for ice.

Yep... I am pretty stoked.

Gracie & Greta will greet me
But I am most looking forward to seeing this Bestie.
Hanging in the Kitchen..most definitely!

I think we will hang a lot here to watch HGTV...
(Gracie is keeping my seat ready)
 and here too... 
(I actually am bringing a bathing suit...  no pictures will be taken)

 It's all about the girlfriend time...
sit back...
laugh a bunch...
eat a bunch...
and embrace my dear girlfriend♥

I leave in the morning...
and will be back in a couple days.

So excuse my absence please...

I promise to be back soon.

ta ta♥

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Patience Sweet Patience


Romans 5:4 

"And endurance produces character, and character produces hope." 

Patience has always been a challenge for me. Always!  As a little girl, and as an adult. I may appear to be a woman of peace and patience...but those who know me, know another side of me.

For as long as I can remember, I have prayed that God help me in this department.  However, the old saying, "be careful what you wish for, or pray for."  Is so true. I think God puts more challenges in front of me to build my tolerance and my character.  

Ironically, once again, patience is trying me... as I am writing this post, something is askew and it will not allow me to add photographs. Grr! Could this be from dropping my laptop last night? oh crapola!

Last night, after a trying night of yoga (Jerrilee introduced Tibet Yoga and my body wasn't quite ready.), I had to run a quick errand. Stop at the drug store and pick up a case of bottled water.  No problem.
HOWEVER~ 1st I pull in and noticed the Redbox station (for my non-American friends~ Redbox is a national DVD movie rental franchise. Simple concept..Plug in your credit card, pick your movie rental, and on your way. Quick and easy. Just $1.00 per movie per night.  AND the coolest feature is you can return it to any Redbox kiosk. Doesn't have to be the same one you got the DVD from.  We love it because of the quickness and simplicity of it.)
Anyway, back to my story~
There was a boy around 10 standing there looking through the selections. He had a service dog with him.  No car near him, no adults. I figured his parent must be inside the drugstore. 
I'm thinking, great, I will pick up a movie for Hubby and I on my way out. 
I get my case of water and get in line... There is one cashier, and six people in front of me. 
Come on! Patience Janis...
They opened a second checker as it was my turn (naturally).
I make my purchase and out to the Redbox Kiosk .  Oops little boy is still there.  I drive over to the Kiosk so he knows I am waiting for my turn.  He glares at me. I wait.  I now have my Credit card in hand, car off parked in front of him.  That is when I notice he is freaking playing with the Kiosk! He is clicking each movie, reading the synopses, and then moving to the next movie. He turns to me, I make that friendly nod, and hold my credit card up (my way of saying~ Im waiting for my turn.) "Mom" finally shows up and  boy is begging her to let him get a movie... they argue about it being PG-13. I have now waited too long and am standing outside my car, so Mom see I am still waiting on my turn.  A car pulls up with another customer so I stand behind Mom and boy in line. Mom is now freaking doing the SAME thing boy was. READING each movie, one by one. And Boy is having a rather long conversation with the new people about his service dog. Through me as I stand between them. I am so annoyed, I say, "oh never mind!", and get back in my car and leave without a movie.

Okay~ lets stop for a minute.
There are no written rules about using a Kiosk that I know of. It's kind of more of a common courtesy thing. BUT not everyone has common courtesy. So, for anyone reading this that doesn't have this, let me explain the unwritten rules when using a Kiosk...particularly a DVD rental one.
*1~ Already have an ideal of what movie you are interested in. You can go online & read about current movie releases.  At least decide what category or rating. In fact go here: REDBOX to find out what is avaible near you.
*2~Make your selection, and move on
*3~ If people are waiting, and you don't know what you want, step aside, so people can return there movie, or get their selection. especially when they have been waiting for a long time (I was there 15 minutes waiting)
*4~ No one wants to hear your argument about movie selections. 
*5~ If you don't have a credit can't get a movie.

I know this is terrible rude of me. I apologize now for any feelings I hurt. I just have to vent this because IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! So if you are one of those people...STOP IT!  PLEASE STOP IT NOW!

Which brings me back to patience. Was this one of those things God throws out to me to give me endurance? Is this something that needed me to get back to my center of peace?

Maybe, just maybe, I need to go do some yoga and meditation♥

Monday, June 20, 2011

Unleash Your Fingers

I wanted to share this amazing commercial from Samsung.
This is called Finger Tutting.
My understanding is this young man was discovered on youtube & Samsung snatched him up for their new Samsung Galaxy cell phone. "For the launch of the Galaxy SII in France, Samsung brought JayFunk, the internet Finger Tutting phenomenon, from Los Angeles to Paris to deliver an incredible and surprising choreography."
Pretty darn impression! Turn on the volume to get the full effect.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


This stared at me the other night at the concert.  The chair in front of me. Ironically, not only was it the number  of my own chair, but the number my age
Will I be old next year?  Am I old now?  I guess that depends on who you ask.
I do believe you are as old as you feel and a point. I feel pretty much the same person I was 35 years ago. However... my body doesn't physically feel the same...that's for sure. I have more aches and pains than I ever imagined.  BUT... I am healthier than many.

me @ 2 yrs

Reflecting can be interesting, I seem to dwell on a lot of the past. But, I am getting much better at embracing what the future has to bring. Seeing how I can bloom in my surroundings and grow...even at nearly half a century old.

Today has been grand.

what's up w/ my hair?
I enjoyed my Hubby and a big breakfast.  (had to share my Birthday w/Father's Day.. Not the first, not the last time).
again w/ the hair?
  And I loved getting time with my sweet Daughters.  I was thrilled by an early morning Thunderstorm ( love the rolling rumble, especially when it rattles the house).  
I got this wonderful hand painted wine glass from Annie.
it says, "I Love My Pets", so true
Annie & I enjoyed Starbucks & Antiquing (where I found a fabulous Green Depression Glass Princess Cracker Jar.. at a fair price).

We had a wonderful cook out~ Chicken, Brauts (pork & turkey for Em {Baby~ I'm so sorry you got a pork one by mistake... I promise it won't kill you}, roasted corn on the cob, fresh Green Beans, Rice & Red Beans, saluted mushrooms, and Red Velvet Cake. yummmmmmmmmmmm

Hubby also got the official photograph from meeting President Obama in May from the White House staff.
He looks pretty proud (and easy on the eyes too Hottie Hubby!) You have to know my Hubby... he rarely will smile for the camera... And this is a priceless moment where I see his smile.
President Barrack Obama & Sergio Gonzalez 5/6/2011
Not to shabby! Sergio said he was just lovely to chat with (okay...he did not say lovely...more like very interesting, personable and extremely respectful).

I got about a hundred birthday wishes... Thanks to the social network of Facebook, as well as email and the telly.  I picked out the sewing machine I am getting from the Girls & Hubby.  And look forward to a get together with a Bestie next weekend.

I am sitting outside, enjoying the evening breeze. Got Riley by my side & crazy Izzy playing in the grass.  Hubby is on the phone with business.  Emily is back in Muncie now and Miss Annie is off to watch movies with her girlfriend.  The birds are chirping, and there is this wonderful peaceful feeling.

This Birthday tops them all so far.  Nothing major, but... I am learning it is more about the minors. The peaceful, loving, simple minors.
♥Life is good♥

Saturday, June 18, 2011

America & Poco With Two Favorite Men

Last night I had a wonderful evening with two of my favorite men.  My Darling Hubby, Sergio.  And My Dear Bestie, Richie.

We went to Anderson Indiana, Hoosier Park Casino & Racetrack to the Outdoor Stage to see Poco & America perform.  The last time I saw America in concert...May 1982.  A few years ago, and ironically, I saw them with Sergio's sister, in Daytona Beach Florida.

The weather was perfect. It was a clear day, a perfect temperature with a light breeze kissing us. We bought the cheap seats...and got invited to move up as the concert was not a sold out (love it when you get seats worth twice what you paid!)

Poco played first... remember the song "Crazy Love"?
It happens all the time
This crazy love of mine
Wrapped around my heart
Refusing to unwind
Ooh-ooh, crazy love, ah...
If you don't remember this, then you were not an American teenage girl in 1976 .
Ohh the memories of us singing this song... and with tears!
Rich & I were into singing the lyrics this evening.
We may have embarrassed Sergio a bit.
Finally, America begins...
The acoustics were perfect!
They sounded AWESOME!
How old are they now?
Dang...not a scratchy voice among them.

Daisy Jane... Sister Golden Hair... Ventura Highway... Don't Cross the River... You can do Magic... (hey, they didn't play a favorite~ Horse with No Name)
Poor Sergio...
We knew all the words to all the songs. Hubby isn't a singer. Rich & I aren't really either, but we are equally bad so we didn't care.
Rich also entertained us with his dance moves.

He rocked it. As always.
I watched instead of danced. That might have been too much for Hubby, had I danced.

I am so glad Rich talked Sergio into this.  It was a lovely fun evening.  We also ate a little, and played a few slot machines on the way out.  Win a little, lose a little.

All in all, a great night out. Well needed for Hubby & I. And always a pleasure to have my amazing friend Rich with us.

Friday, June 17, 2011

...For Me? ♥

A big Whoo Hoot to my Blogging Buddy Pammy in Texas @ Scotty's Place . I just got a package from her and this was inside.
(photo by Pammy~ borrowed from her Blog)
Aren't they FABULOUS!!!!
With my job at the Deaf School, they are especially going to come in handy.  We have to walk from building to building on campus, come cold wintery snow season, gloves are a must. But it's harder to sign with my gloves on.  Now I can talk away with these lovely Fingerless gloves!
I'm so excited!
I made Annie be my hand model because she has such pretty hands.

Awe~ She is signing "I love you"♥
Aren't they scrumptious?  I am going to be the envy of everyone.

Hey... did you notice Annie's nail polish?
Here, let me show you a close up....
This is Katy Perry's OPI line.  It crackles.  You paint it over any polish, and it crackles like this.  It looks like black polish, but when you go over the other polish, it separates like this. Pretty cool.  The Easter Bunny put it in both Annie & Emily's baskets this year. That Easter Bunny has always tried to stay with current fashion trends.

So back to the Romantic Fingerless Gloves... Pammy was participating in a Pay It Forward thingy we did in Blog World a while back.  I was one of her winners! 

Which reminds me.. I haven't completed my crafts to my winners yet. 

I'm on it now.  I promise! So Mark over at A Pirate Looks at 50 . And Rosaria at Sixty-five, What now? . Don't give up on me!  I will get it done :)

Love to all~  Enjoy the beautiful day♥

Sleeping In on Lazy Mornings

I love going back to bed, sleeping in late.
For years, I had that internal clock that made me wake up everyday at 5:45am. Sleeping in late back then was 8am.  I always got up before everyone else in the family. Had my morning coffee in peace, then woke the family accordingly to schedules (school, work, whatever).
But things change.
The Babies went to college and no longer had me as their alarm clock.
Hubby's schedule changed as well, and his sleep habits did too.
Me? Well, a couple things changed me. 1~The medication I take for depression, allows me to sleep better than ever before. 2~ get laid off and not be needed to wake early and slowly your internal alarm clock starts changing.

Now, I wake when Hubby does, let the dogs out, then return to bed (with the dogs) and cuddle.
The above picture, with all three dogs and one cat, has me wedged under the covers as well.

It is complete bliss to sleep in for another hour. So relaxing and sweet.

I think it makes for a better day too.  I have that little extra boost, when I have the extra hour.

Now with the new job.  My sleeping in will continue.  I won't be getting home till after midnight, and after shower & all, bedtime is more like 1am.  So,  hello bed.  hello morning sunshine with your warm kisses.
I love this sleeping in business.  I don't think it's lazy at all. Just lucky.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Girls Night

Everyone needs to get together with friends.
I especially am a fan of Guys Night and Girls Night out. 
My Hubby and I always realized how important it is for us to be individuals and to enjoy friendships outside of our marriage. 
Hmm.. that sounded strange. What I mean is to get out with friends without spouses.

Hubby works way to hard and way to many hours. He always has. Giving him a night out with guy friends is a rare but necessary step for his sanity.  When the girls were young, he went on a yearly Ski Trip with guy friends, that totally re-amped him. Later, he would jump on the Harley and go for a ride with a friend. Sometimes it's just grabbing a bite with a buddy.

For me~ I use to take a yearly trip with Besties, Have a Margarita night once and a while, and a favorite night out for me was BUNCO (which I have written about HERE ). Lately though, I am embracing girl friends and making every effect to spend more time with those who make me smile.
Mary, Bev, Maureen, Lee, Leslie, Me, Julie, Lisa, Norma
Last night I was Blessed to join some dear friends for a lovely evening.
I sent a message out to 20 girlfriends for a dinner get together and was pleasantly surprised that half were able to make it out on a Monday evening. (Julie L is missing from photo). The above photo shows you some of my high school classmates of the class of 1980. It was a joyous evening of laughter & random conversations all going at the same time. 
♥The clatter of friendship. 
It was heavenly♥ 
Part of the wonderful thing about this group of woman, is that even though we went to school together, and all knew each other, we did not "run" together in the same cliques. I considered them all friends, however, there were different points in my life that I was closer to one or the other over those years. Some I have been blessed with knowing well and not losing touch over the years. And some I hadn't seen in twenty-some years. Yet, we all picked up like it was yesterday. No awkward pause... no tears. Just a bunch of belly laughs and even some gentle loving advice. Some have been widowed, some divorced, some celebrating 20-31 years of marriage. Some have children, some do not. But we all share a common love and desire to have girlfriends.
Life is short and unexpected. I have had too many things pull me down or knock me over. I am learning, you get what you get... make the best of it.  There is no time to waste feeling sorry or second guessing.  For me, I am going to grasp the golden ring, I am going to enjoy.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My 50 Before Fifty

In one week I will have my last birthday of my forties.

I've been thinking a bit about it. More like embracing it. The past couple years have been, well, not the best. I've made some changes. Some readjusting. Some tweaking.

This past month has been pretty darn good. Especially mentally.

I am finally learning to breathe.

I have seen some great list on Blogs.  I have tried to give myself one.  Although mine isn't as cool (graphic wise anyway) as many I have admired.  Mine is important to me.  I have decided to put it up on my side bar. To help me see daily, and attempt to cross them off. (Well, a heart next to the item means it's completed or now a regular part of my life).

Maybe, I will even inspire others to improve their lives as well.

Although some of these are simple, they are just as important to my better living as the major ones.  Each one can only bring me a better quality of life.

A happier me.

Enjoy my list and those who know me achieve my goals.

Fifty Before 50

have a job i love
love the skin i'm in
buy a cruiser bicycle
develop a budget that works for us
walk 3 miles a day
perfect my ASL
write more
learn to keep my house CLEAN
cook healthier meals
grow a garden
read my Bible
train my pets to behave
bake more often
take a baking class
finish my Baby Clothes Tree Skirts
trip to see Deb again
trip to see Janet
trip to see Shari
learn to Kayak
improve my marriage
start yoga again
be a better friend
go to a museum
go to a craft fair
spend more time with my daughters
write more letters
learn to knit or crochet...correctly
work out regularly
lose 10-15 pounds
relax more
read more
listen more-talk less
have more belly laughs
at least 6 dog walks a week (that's 2 each dog)
organize our photographs
learn to let it go
pray more
pick a church that I go to regularly again
always be kind
learn to enjoy working in the yard
know & accept my limits
enjoy the parks
go to an outside music concert. maybe jazz or symphony
take more bubble baths
frequent flea markets & antique malls
go swimming
de-clutter my life as well as my house
make decisions I can be proud of
Love myself as I do others

Friday, June 10, 2011


Yoga (Sanskrit, Pāli: योग yóga) refers to traditional physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines, originating in ancient India, whose goal is the attainment of a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility...wikpedia

 This week I joined a Yoga class.  I use to LOVE Yoga. Back when I was super limber, thin and healthy.  That was twelve years ago.  My dear friend Jill forced me to go because I use to make fun of her..especially the whole "Ohm" part.
Well, dear Jill has re-entered my life.  I am tickled she has moved back to Indianapolis (in fact we live in the same neighborhood). She is getting me back on my toes.  Jill's my Buddy that I worked for/with many years ago at our children's school as lunch room ladies.  I also helped out on ocassion when she ran a catering company at a private college.  Then she moved away...Bad Jill!.  Ahh but wait... the birth of her precious Grandson made her come back to Indy. (Yay! Thanks Dalton!)  She is the Buddy that had the English Tea Party for the Royal Wedding (go HERE .
So anyway....
Jill is still into Yoga and I feel so stiff, restricted, and well old.  I have been wanting for some time to find another class but without Jill, I seem to find the crappy ones.  Jill let me tag along on Tuesday to
Healing Arts Indy. A beautiful old building downtown with, drum roll please... the BEST YOGA class ever! Now if you go to this link, it will show you some instructor I don't know... Jerrilee Lucas is my absolute fabulous instruction, whom, dare I say, I have fallen in love with her after just one session. Jerrilee's business card has several locations so I am guessing she travels a bit to teach her classes.
Yogis hold the belief that the body, mind, and spirit must be in balance in order for a person to be in harmony with themselves and their environment. This is achieved through exercise, breathing and meditation- the three main yogic structures. Yoga poses improve circulation, stimulate abdominal organs, and put pressure on the glandular system of the body, which generally results in less stress and better health.

 I think I'm a natural once again. Check this photo of me out:
Don't be jealous..

lol.. Serious is that a real person?
or how about this one:
This is more like my favorite pose: 
Ironically it is titled "corpse pose" .
I am really enjoying this class.  I still giggle when they make you do the Ohmmmm. I am trying to respect and understand the meaning of the mantra. But still feel silly therefore must giggle.

Another great thing is this amazing Deli across the street. So if it gets to be  too much I can always be this person:
(warning..this cartoon is rated R due to language). It so made me crack up. That's Jill the blonde & me in pig tails.

A Natalie Cartoon

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I am in a good place. Very happy lately.
Lots of good stuff crowding out the yucky stuff.
Figured time for a background change and some cleaning up on the blog. Which I will try to get finished over the weekend.
I have a bunch of stuff I want to share & blog about, but have been busy (isn't being busy wonderful?) I am going to try & get caught up soon.

Until then~ I hope you all have a lovely day/weekend. The sun is shinning & the birds are singing her in my neck of the Blog.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toys in the Attic

The past couple days, I have spent some time in the attic.  I am preparing for a Neighborhood Yard Sale, and trying to say goodbye to ...stuff.

My Attic holds a lot of memories. Hubby freaked when he realized how many items that probably should have been parted with, that are still hanging around.

My girls had great toys.
They took wonderful care of their toys.

They had have a lovely American Girl collection.  In total, they have 6 dolls (don't worry, they are not in the attic), a HUGE collection of clothing, accessories, furniture, two complete mini pin collections, three or four of the Mini room collections... and a whole bunch more American Girl paraphernalia.
These containers house Annie's Pony Collection, her 101 Dalmatian collection, both Emily & Annie's Polly Pocket Collections & Pet Shop Collections. 
We have Beanie Babies and many other Stuffed animals & dolls in those big black bags sitting around the attic.
We have given away hundreds of VHS tapes, but I have two big bags full of the "Keepers".
I have donated wonderful children's books...But kept three book bags full of favorites.

I also have normal things up here... Here's some Holiday decorations, and stuff...
...but I admit most of the Attic contains toys.
I have pulled a few things down for the sale, and a few things to go to the trash. (Annie kind of freaked that I still had her head gear from her braces. I agreed not to take a picture per her request. I also agreed to retire it to the trash.) It seems the longer you hold on to things the harder to let go.  Take this advice my young Moms...THROW IT AWAY WHILE YOU CAN! Better yet Garage Sale, and donate! Twenty years later, it is so hard to let it go. And even though I like to believe I will recycle for Grands one day... truth of the matter, my girls didn't love my toys that I hung on to. So I'm not so sure my future Grands will. Especially if I get Boys!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My New Not so Quiet Silent World

As I have already said...
I have been very busy these past two weeks getting into the groove, quickly polishing my American Sign Language skills, and getting acquainted with the students.

Even though I had previously worked here (same position) 25 years ago, things have changed a bit.

First, previously I had 1st to 4th graders.. Now I have Kindergarten to 12th grade.  The school has closed the Elementary Dorm and moved these itty bitties over to the Middle School & High School Dorms. So.. now those Dorms are Boys Dorm/ Girls Dorm but Grades Kindergarten to 12th Grade. The Dorms are connected with shared common areas in the center. (Candy Store, Media Room, Work Out room, Dean's offices).

Second, these dorms are so much better with individual rooms for the students, opposed to big rooms where 10-20 kids share a sleeping dorm. They are divided by age/grades. Elementary, Middle School, and High School floors.

This time around I am one of very few hearing staff.  Most everyone is Deaf. It's interesting being a minority. I am often isolated and trying to catch up on conversations (that are most often too quick for me to follow.. I get bits & pieces of the conversations and have to concentrate hard to follow). Therefore, I am picking up my signing skills quickly or left behind. I have had a couple of miscommunication, but, makes me pay better attention!

Many of my new Deaf friends. co-workers, and students, have some hearing and use their voices while signing, some are easy to understand, but others not so much. Many can lip read.

ALL are patient with my learning. Willing to help and teach me. Eager for me to fully join this new world of communication.

Although not all can hear, they can all feel vibrations. It is interesting how other senses are enhanced when one of our senses are not strong. We rely on other senses to pick up and carry through.
One evening we watched a movie. "I am Number Four". Pretty good flick. But I saw it different than any movie I have seen before.  The students wanted to turn the volume (Vibration) up. WAY UP.  A Deaf Supervisor stopped the student reminding him that our new Supervisor, Janis, was Hearing, and it would be difficult for me to tolerate the sound. All heads turned to me... I said, No, that's fine, turn it up".. So they did... then turned to me again waiting for me to approve it higher.. I did... two more times. It was as high as it could go.  Talk about feeling the vibrations! The kids all quickly appreciated my tolerance. I guess that upped my cool factor.
I also watched/listened/felt "Gnomeo & Juliet" with the younger kids.
Mega Audio Headache/Hangover following these evenings. But I survived. (I need to remember to pack earplugs in my bag).

It's also an interesting adjustment to the noise factor with the sounds that some deaf people make. There are many high pitched shrieks, moans and clickings.  When things are moved, unlike hearing people, Deaf do not mind sounds like a chalkboard scratch or dragging sounds. Door slams, bangs, and crashes are common place.  I am learning to block out these distracting sounds. But, it isn't easy.

My World of silence is by far, not a very quiet world at all. I love every single sound of it.