Friday, April 29, 2011

Introducing The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge

Catherine & Prince William's Wedding went without a hitch this morning.
It was quite splendid. Not only was Catherine absolutely breath-taking, she and William truly look madly deeply in love.
How can one not smile and the thought that finally, Royalty marrying for love, and not pre-arranged. They are both 29 (okay William is almost 29) and they have had the opportunity to live a bit and not jump into something. Diana & Charles had all of 13 dates prior to their wedding... William has known Catherine for nearly ten years!
I know people are whining about the hoopla and expense of this Fairytale Wedding, and I say pooh-pooh to you! Personally a little, happy joyous news and sugar & spice is a welcome change to our depressing state of the world.  Yes, yes, the cost of this wedding could have given a lot of charities a lot of help... HOWEVER~
Did you know that the Royal couple are passionate about many charities and participate in raising awareness & money for these charities. Millions of dollars will be given to charities due to Catherine & William's wedding and exposure of causes.

Five charities are represented:
  • Change Lives through Arts & Sports
  • Children Fulfilling their Potential
  • Support for Service Personnel & their Families
  • Help & Care At Home
  • Conservation for Future Generations
I found that to be very admirable and tasteful. 

Catherine chose to keep the Royal Wedding rather simple. William had his brother Harry as The Best Man, and Catherine had her Sister Pippa as The Maid of Honor.
 I was more in love with Pippa's dress, what a lovely Wedding dress that would make! I could see one of my girls wearing this :)

My morning was perfect. I woke at 4:30am, walked a few blocks over to my dear friend Jill's house, where she had a lovely Royal Breakfast for us. We were joined by another dear friend, Tammy.
Tammy, Jill, & Me
We drank fabulous French Pressed Coffee and English Tea in lovely delicate china cups.

We feasted on magnificent Sausage Rolls, English Scones, Cucumber Sandwiches, and Shortbread Cookies with Orange Marmalade and Preserves.

And some Fresh Strawberries and Cream♥

I really enjoyed this wedding! I chatted and ate while the ceremony was taking place, I didn't have to strain to get a good view, and I got the best birds eye view! (Plus I didn't have to buy a gift!).
What a fun day I have had, although I'm a bit sleepy now.
Cheerio To our lovely new Princess and her Prince Charming!
~May they Live Happily Ever After~


Reality Jayne said...

What about the part when ....It was cloudy all morning...and when Kate entered the church the sun came out....maybe it was Diana smiling down..I got verklempt

Linda said...

This is a joy to read. As I mentioned, I wasn't into any of this, until I read your previous post and then I became curious and watched some of it this morning. It is indeed a beautiful event. (The money part was never an issue with me, I just never follow celebrity issues which is why I previously had no real interest in the event). But - yes, they're lovely and I adored her dress and the fact that her sister also wore white - there are a series of articles about this online this morning and said that it will likely create a new trend - why not? :)

I also boasted to my friends about the fun that you had early this morning - I think it's wonderful that you have friends to hang out with and experience such things. I don't have anything like that.

So, yes - this is a fun, happy day and all the more power to you! :)

janis said...

RJ~ Yes, I wondered the same thing.. She surely was proud of this dashing son.
Linda~ Glad you enjoyed. The great part, that I didnt mention, was this was all very impromptu with Jill & Tammy getting inspired at an Antique shop yesterday (saw some fancy hats). Jill whipped this up in an evening/morning! Tammy made the yummy Shortbread cookies, & I brought the strawberries.
I am Blessed. We have been friends many years and lost touch a bit w/ raising kids, Jill moving to Florida a few years, and just recently she moved back.
If you lived in town...I would have tried to drag you :)
My Cousin invited me to her "Royal Brunch". She DVD'd as she needed to get the little ones off to school first. I would have loved joining her as well...but she lives in New Jersey. (she took the day off for her Gala).
Love to you~

Bee Lady said...

I've been up half the of course I watched the wedding. I LOVE That stuff. I did make scones and have some tea and coffee and scones but I didn't even think about having a party that early in the morning. Sounds like you had fun.

Cindy Bee

An English Shepherd said...

Glad you enjoyed the Royal Wedding its been quite an event :-)

Darcel said...

They do look so deep in love. I was shocked when I found out they had known each other for 8 years, wow!

Julie Harward said...

What fun for you guys! Well, I sure wish them a happy marriage and you know what I like about her...she dresses modestly instead of trying to be sexy and show it all..way to go! :D