Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out Like A April will be Like the Lamb?

picture from Alvarorj

With the old saying that March, "Goes in like a lamb, and comes out like a lion", not exactly true for 2011. Does that mean we will have April like the lamb we were hoping March would be?

Across the world, we have seen some crazy weather lately. And I do mean crazy! Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, extreme heat, and snow where it does usually snow.

Even here in Indiana, where we claim the one thing you can count on is the weather can change in an instant, we have seen some bizarre weather.

I am ready for Spring. I am ready for April showers to bring May flowers. I have gotten a taste of it before Mother Nature changed her mind. SIKE! (remember that word from the 70's? People would say something false then say SIKE!. So queer.. but anyway, what was I saying? oh yeah.) We had temperatures go from 75 down to 35 within a couple days. My blooms are confused, and I fear the lovely spring will not be quite so colorful now.

March was okay. Better than February. (yucky cruel February..I am still mad at February 2011). The one thing I will really miss from March. Are you ready for it? THIS:
So addicting. Shamrock Shakes. I get so happy when they start making them. They are suppose to look just like this. And I get them all month. BUT, this March, throw me a bone when I was wanting steak...

Look what this evil McDonalds did to me one day.
What the Hell? When this evil woman handed it too me and said, "Ain't that prudy? That prudy green swirled?" I said, "No, Are you kidding me? Looks like someone messed up!" She said, "No, that is the way it's suppose to Be!" Shoved it at me & closed her window. I was shocked, but in a hurry late to an appointment & thought, oh well, It still will taste good. No, no it did not at all. It was a syrupy mess. But I had waited in the line for 12 minutes and so late that I decided I would bring it back, later when I was heading back home. Which I did. And talked to the manager. I know, it was just $2.64 cents, but a principal. And I wanted the manager to know, that I would not be back at this Mickey D's.

Okay sidetracked again. Well lets see. I need to get back to applying for jobs and then clean my little mansion.  This morning I applied to two Administrative Assistant positions. Then I laughed hysterical for a while. I was matched for a job that I clearly could not, would not do. That happens sometimes, but usually it is a job that I do not have the education for. Today, one of my "matches" was for a "Server/ TLC girl" position at one of Indy's Hot Gentleman's Club... If you know what I mean. It cracked me up. Many many many year ago, I worked in a grand little restaurant as a server. My co-worker / friend's husband owned this Gentleman's Club I mentioned above. He was always trying to get me to come work for him. HaHa! Me a stripper? No thank you! 27 years later I'm sure "C" wouldn't want me there! The body ain't what it use to be! lmao!
Have a beautiful March 31st♥

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


what the heck?
look what it's doing outside.
We had 75 degrees a week ago today. Today we have snow.

Puppy Spa Day

Dakota got his first Professional Grooming!  I know, I know! He is three and should have before now. BUT.. he is a Puppy Mill Rescue and very sensitive, skittish, and I needed to find the "right place". It just took me longer than I thought it would.

I have been grooming him at home... Learning as we go. He gets baths nearly every week as I understood Pomeranian's need this kind of care.

He doesn't mind, in fact, by now seems to enjoy it. (Okay, maybe he doesn't look like it in this photo).

I stumbled upon "Clippety Do Dawg" last week. Even though it has been around for a long time, I never noticed it. It's a tiny house converted into business next door to our Post Office. Who Knew?  All this time I have been looking online and a sweet old fashion, dog loving Gals were right under my nose!
Becky was very understanding and considerate to my concerns. She booked us as a first appointment of the day so Dakota would not have to hang out in a crate. She gave me all the information I needed and was priced fairly. 
This morning, my little guy got dropped off (okay...just like when my girls got dropped off at preschool, I waited in the parking lot.. in case they needed me). An hour later, I get a call from Becky telling he will be ready in about 10 minutes if I want to head back (so I waited in the car for ten more minutes).

My Little Guy is so Handsome! They even put a cute little Monkey scarf on him! He was very well behaved. No nipping or even barking. They feel in love with him.
Who wouldn't?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Golden Box of Treasures

Growing up there has always been a particular ottoman that moved from home to home with us. Frankly it was an ugly piece, a square box, with a hinged lid. The material was a golden vinyl, with four covered buttons on the top. To us, it was "the gold hassock". We also had a smaller round green one, but it did not have a storage area.

I absolutely loved that ugly little hassock.

My Mom had it stuffed full of pictures. To me it was an escape into story~land.  Their were plenty of memories in there. As well as many mysteries, stories I yet to know. I always enjoyed pulling them out and going through them.

Julie & I would pour through the photographs. Laughing and remembering. Sometimes guessing. My cousins also loved to dump it out and sift through. My Mom was and is notorious for having a camera in her hand (or in our faces). While many times it was annoying, it also is appreciated. I noticed many photographs we have are from her side of the family so in her defense, she gets it honestly.

It served not only as a storage bin of photos and a footstool, but a seat when needed, as well as a table and even a TV tray when necessary (TV trays were essential in the 70's, we loved TV and basically ate in front of it often.).

I was talking to my Mom this morning.  I told her I was thinking about that old golden hassock, and that I wish I had a picture of it. That surely it is in the foreground or background of some of the many pictures we had. She laughed and said she still has it. It is used as a base for a tabletop! And I am welcome anytime to come look through it again.

I will take her up on that.

Maybe I will take a picture of the old ugly thing. Until then, here are some I found that I would love to own.
I would love to have this one! Isn't it gorgeous?
Go HERE  for more info on it. It's a little step for me.. £950 which I believe is about $518.00 when I tried converting. So rich in style though.
 I also LOVE this one. From our lovely Anthropologie click HERE for more on it. It's $1,598.00
 and my favorite from Anthropologie, I can't find in the catalog. But I am sure it too is out of my price range.

Maybe I can get creative and buy one similar to the old ugly one (or get Mom to give me old Goldie) and recover it in a fun fabric?  hmmm

Quodam Tuesday with Babsy

My Mom was born Barbara Ruth, named after her Aunt Bobbie (Barbara) and Aunt Snippie (Ruth). Apparently most people in the south had nicknames. As it has been confusing growing up discovering the "real" names of relatives. "Babsy" came from the heiress Barbara Hutton who was known to loved ones as Babs. My Mom was called Babsy, and Babs, from the time she was tiny. She is also known as Barbara, Barb, and Barbie.

Nana w/ Babsy, Ed Granny Mellie Fred and Horsie
This picture was taken on a porch that I find the backdrop of many pictures. Perhaps Granny Beulah & Grandfather Fred? Mom's Nana is her Father's Mother, whom my Emily is named after. Mellie is my Mom's Mother, Granny & Fred Mellie's parents. And Ed is Mom's Dad, my famous Grandpa Texas. Horsie is my Grandmother Mellie's sister (Hortense).
Babsy and family 1943 
 This was taken the same day but I really love these two photos, so I am posting both. I am guessing the little girl in the arms of the gentleman is one of mom's cousins. Granny's writing is sometimes hard to make out and part of the description is missing (pulled away from glued in album). It says something about someones departure. Could either be the uncle or perhaps my Grandfather, when going into service.
Babsy at age 4
How adorable is this?  It says on the back, "dressed up at 4 yrs" in my Granny's writing.
age 5
 Little Rebel!  Ready to go ride.
Babsy & her Dad
This is a photograph I received while summers in Texas. My Grandma Kitty & I, made some copies of old photographs and neglected to write on the back of my copies. Mom looks to be about 12 here?
age 17 years old
I am thinking this would be a teen party or cookout at her house. The little boy is her brother David. I imagine one of these girlfriends is Ree.
Senior year?
I need Mom's help with this one too. Another copy with nothing on the back. I think it's her Senior picture and that would be my Dad's ring on a chain? Or could this be Junior year with Owens ring Mom? :)
Barb & Tom 1959?
I love this photo! I think they are newlyweds. Maybe still dating. (Blank back, and can't see ring fingers). Who took this photo Mom? What's the story here?
Happy Meyer Family 1966ish
I could go on and on. I love so many photographs I have of Mom. But, in order to keep this interesting without going on too long I need to stop here.  This was taken around 1966.  We all look happy. (I remember both Julie & my dresses. I loved the little butterfly on mine! I also either wore Julie's dress later or had a matching one. Both these dresses had little bloomers. Remember the dresses that had them? So cute! Look at Mom! She is so beautiful! So stylish. Cute hair-do! Dad is looking sheepish...he is up to something.  Oh wait a minute, maybe he is just waiting to get the picture so he can light up that cigarette in his hand!

Mom. if you are reading this... please comment and correct anything that needs correcting. I think I got it right, but... you would know best!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Surprised Success!

Hubby's Surprise Party was a wonderful success. I can't believe I pulled this off. He was completely clueless. He even helped me get some things taken care of!

I lead Hubby to believe I was finally getting a group of girlfriends together to start a BUNCO group. He was so sweet and supportive. I had a couple of moments he "almost" got a clue or two, but got through without him knowing a thing! He even told my daughter, "Mom, is silly trying to get things so perfect for her friends."

The plan was to have Emily keep him out  from 6:30 till 7:15-7:30. We live in Indiana, and if you are a Basketball fan, you are familiar with the College Basketball Conferences. Today, our Butler University (local private elite college) was playing. Even if you are not a big basketball fan, like me, many love this school, love love love this endearing young enthusiastic coach, Brad Stevens, and these wonderful polite and role model players. Butler went into Overtime at 6:45... against Florida. INTENSE....
Hubby watching the game with our Daughter at a favorite restaurant. Me, trying to get ready, but interrupted watching in excitement, this basketball game!!!
Butler wins, seriously, at the last seconds!
Emily calls to tell me they are paying bill and soon on way (8 minute drive).
Noooooooo! Not yet! It's 7:15 and no one is here!
I am sure it is because like me... everyone is watching this game to the last second. Hey, it was overtime remember? So, Emily has to stale and give us another 15-20 minutes. Sure enough, one by one, the guys arrive, apologizing with the same excuse for their tardiness.

I have the dirty characteristic dozen, fifty-ish men that all have my husband in common, here together in our home. Most of them have known him since they were boys playing ball. A few met him some thirty years ago, as young men with their world at their fingertips.
There is Brian~ who has been there for my Hubby and vice versa~ since they were boys. Who is also our Family Physician. This is the friend that has journey through much with Hubby. Marriages, divorces, births, and deaths. We have vacationed together with our families over the years. And love him like family. He is the Lifer that Hubby recently ran off to Arizona twice this year camping in the virgin desert.
Mikey & Dicky~ Yes...we still call them that at 50 plus years old. More lifers that played ball when young, survived high school and thereafter.
Griff, Jim & Tony~ entered his life in high school. Griff is kind of related to us by marriage anyway. He is my sister's brother in law. He has also vacationed with us on a few trips with our families. Tony, I haven't seen in years, although Hubby has. And Jim I worked for while a Realtor for close to ten years. Another family friend that has shared a few family vacations with us. Our children are all together at the same college.
Rich~ My lifer. That through me and through his brother, Ronnie, have known Hubby for as long as I have known my Husband. Hubby has become closer to him through the recent death of Rich's brother.
Paul~ Hubby's work buddy that has been friends with him a solid twenty-some years. He and Hubby have shared their Harley Davidson love for many years and ridden many miles together.
Craig & Wild Man Kenny~ More Buddies from work that have known him for a good thirty years. Pre-married years...The wild twenties... the oh my gosh...I don't want to hear that story years... Still friends after all these years.
There were a few MIAs. Different situations caused them to have to miss. Spring Break vacations with families, a death in a family, an illness, lives out of state... In a perfect world I could get them all together without hiccups. However, having a good dozen is a feat in itself.
Hubby, was starting to get confused as they pulled up to the house. That's a lot of trucks...Familiar trucks.

Yes, he was surprised.
Yes, he was tickled.
He was happy and I saw an old familiar smile.
I even heard some belly laughs!

I wanted to take pictures. But, I couldn't pester Hubby. He doesn't like getting pictures taken (although he would appreciate them in years). I took one when he got here, but his back is to the camera and you can't see his face.

They ate, they drank, they laughed.

I think I did good.

It was good.
Very very good.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I'm as busy as a bee! Getting the house ready for Hubby's party♥ Had a few scares, but all is under control now. Hubby ended up not leaving town...whew... And is looking forward to having a nice dinner with his oldest daughter as well as getting together later with a buddy to watch one of the games. The Buddy of course is actually going to be here but he is helping me fool the Hubby.
Other than Hubby eating much of the snacks I bought for tonight, things are going smooth.
He is COMPLETELY CLUELESS that I have this planned. I am sooo excited.
A great group of guys have confirmed and although we will be missing a few key guys, they will be with them in spirit. I even got a hold and confirmed a long lost pal, who is also pumped about seeing everyone.
Well~ I better get back on it. Hubby thinks I am having 12 girls over for BUNCO tonight...tee hee♥

Friday, March 25, 2011

I Want!

I found a really great Blog called 2805. Go HERE to Check out 2805 . They are having a give-away that I really want to win! You see, the ugliest thing about my house is this address plate, that I hate.
The previous owner, an old client of mine, liked these address plates as his last name was Rose related. He flipped a few houses and left his mark... I think its very much not my taste and really want to replace.

Can't you just see a pretty new address plate in it's place?

I am one of many many bloggers attempting this win. But I gotta try! Go to the website & enter too! If you don't need or want it... Makes a great gift for your favorite Just Breathe Janis♥


Hubby got home early from business trip in Detroit last night. While happy to see him, I now have to be careful with his Surprise Guys Night Birthday Party I am planning for tomorrow night.
Today this handsome Hubby of mine turns 53. 53! He is a wonderful Man, Husband, and Father. I am Blessed. We have been together for 26 years, married for 24.

Hubby is the kind of man that everyone knows and respects. He holds a job of high honor and many depend on him. Everywhere we go, it seems someone knows him. Many call him friend and know they can rely on him.  He is the go to man, always ready to lend a hand, or opinion when asked.

His job causes him to travel. Usually close to home, with overnight trips to Detroit Michigan more than other locations. Most of the time, I know a week prior to a trip that will take more than one day.

This morning, as he was rushing out the door, he informed me he has a trip to Louisville tomorrow. That rather than doing an overnight, he will leave early tomorrow, and be home late, around 10pm....


I have his closest buddies arriving at the house tomorrow at 7:00pm! But I can't tell him. It's a surprise.

I managed to convince him to make the meeting short and do his best to get home by 6pm for his Dinner Date with Emily... Cutting it close.
I feel bad too because I know the drive there & back will tire him out let alone the intense negotiation he will be involved in there.

I know, I know, JUST BREATHE JANIS! It will all be lovely and wonderful.

Hubby isn't one to be the center of attention nor likes surprises. However, this should please him.  Too often we have gotten together for sad occasions rather than happy with friends. I feel we all, particularly the Hubby, needs to make for more happy moments and memories.

His buddies seem ready and excited too. A few haven't seen him in a few years, so this should be GREAT!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heaven and Hail

Today I spent an interesting couple of hours in a small town cemetery.
Last year, a fellow Blogger Brooke introduced me to a group called Find A Grave . It is an organization that has volunteers take photographs of graves from request. I have been wanting to do a shoot for awhile, but every time I attempted one, something either got in the way or someone beat me too it.
This morning, I got an email request for a small town just south of where I live. I know the area, and knew it would be a small cemetery. Typically you can find out the area of a grave, through the cemetery website or groundskeeper. This cemetery is old, and has no office/groundskeeper on the grounds. It also did not have the information on line. Just a confirmation that the grave I was searching for was indeed there.

It was a beautiful but windy day. Perfect for photography.

Have you ever really paid attention to the detail in the Headstones, Memorials, or Markers? Particularly in the older ones. They are amazing. Some are outlandish and some are simple. Some have a lot to say while others are brief and to the point. Some are downright creepy.
This cemetery only had one Mausoleum. Must have been a very prominent person. There were side windows that were Stained glass, with light pouring inside the mausoleum. I felt it would be disrespectful to take a photo at the door where I could see the colorful light pouring in.

Benches were popular here as well.

It was fascinating to see the detail and consideration to age..years, months, and days. To an exact.
Here lies siblings. Just to the side of their parents Headstone. Each child died within two years of life. Life was hard back in the 1800. There certainly wasn't the medical knowledge or immediate care that we have today.
Some Tombstones are so old yet grand. The smaller one is of a child, and there is a sleeping lamb craved on top. The old Oak tree is magnificent in the background.
I noticed a lot of older Headstones with the hand pointing up.
Then I saw this one...
Which freaked me out. Actually scared me.  Did I mention I was all alone walking this Cemetery for two hours?  Did I mention how the ground is very uneven and I found myself tripping now and then? Or when I stopped to take a picture, my foot would start sinking into the ground?  To make up to these souls I did a lot of praying for them and their families (especially for the many young people buried here). I also picked up a fallen cherub or two.
I saw a few of these old broken tombstones. 

In all I saw hundreds and hundreds, maybe a thousand tombstones, headstones, memorials, benches, markers... whatever you are comfortable calling them.  The problem... with all those I read (and I read every name searching for my assignment), I could not find her grave. This teenager that died so young, that I went on a search to photograph her grave for a loved one, and I could not find anyone by her name.

So I went home without the picture I sought after.

Now about the Hail part of my post.
Tonight the weather got really weird. The sunset was so bright. Scary bright. Then the warm air got really cold! The weather alerts were on the tube and just like they predicted, this came down loud and hard.
It hurts when Hail hits you. But I had to get a picture. 

Elizabeth Taylor

This morning the legendary glamorous Elizabeth Taylor passed away. She was 79.
The thing I loved about Elizabeth Taylor was her elegant way to deal with "stuff". She was extremely classy.
As well as being an extraordinary Film and Broadway star, she had a passion for jewelry and designed for "The Elizabeth Collection". She also had a perfume collection, Passions, White Diamonds, & Black Pearls. White Diamonds has been in the top 10 perfume sales for the past decade.

She was a larger than life participant in charities, particularly, AIDS-related charities and fundraisers. She raised awareness and enabled people to relate to and understand better a frightening disease through her humanity and knowledge.

Liz had a grace about her. Even as a child actress, an elegance and beauty deeper than physical. She was strong, desirable and likable. 

How fortunate for us to have witnessed her talents.  How Blessed her loved ones were to have her a part of their lives. 
Heaven just received another Angel.

Mischievous Mischa

Mischa at the neighbors
I have been allowing Mischa to go outside a bit.  She is an indoor cat for the most part.  Our neighborhood is quite safe and our home is in the center of the addition. I would worry more if it were closer to the main street or the field. She has been behaving and sticking close to home. She likes to climb the neighbor swing set, and since no one lives in this home currently, I do let her roam over. Mostly she just rolls on the patio, climbs our trees and stays within sight.
Although she does sneak off...
Today, she wandered off to a neighbors.  Technically, she was three house down, however, because of the curved road, she only cut through on yard. She slipped through the fence, and plopped down on their patio.  The neighbors must have been at work.  Their Dog was inside the house going BANANAS! I am sure she could care less that she was trespassing.  I stood outside this fenced in yard, calling her, coaxing her, as she completely ignored me. Even when I went to get some food to shake up, she ignored me.  I finally went after TUNA... That worked eventually...
Guess who got a BIG time out in Da Da Daa! THE CRATE?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quondam Tuesday

My Hubby has a birthday on Friday.  Although he is a very private man, and is a bit uncomfortable with my Blog and putting it out there, I don't think he'd mind me using photographs of his childhood and spotlighting him for my Quondam Tuesday. It's the here and now that freaks him out.
So without further ado, I give you:  
Sergio Gonzalez
Mom & Siblings w/ Sergio
 Unfortunately I have very few photographs of Sergio as a child. He had 5 siblings, and unlike my family growing up, pictures wasn't a big part of his childhood. These photographs were a lovely rare day at the park with his Mom, and siblings. Sergio is about 4 I believe. Delia, Homero, Sergio, Nellie, Nora and Momma.
Sergio Mom, & Siblings

Sergio 1963
 A very mad Kindergartener.

Sergio, Momma, Siblings & a friend
No date on this... Delia, Nellie, Momma holding Nora, Homero, Sergio & half a friend.

Heading to church

Sergio, siblings & friends
I love this one. It looks like Easter maybe? When Sergio's parents left Mexico, they became very close to friends. With no family in town, their friends became family. I love how these children were family as far as they were concerned. (Sergio is the tough little guy in the leather jacket).

The Gonzalez Family
This is the ONLY photograph I have ever seen of all 6 children and their parents together. Very precious photograph! Papa is holding Maria, Momma, Nora, Homero, Delia, Nellie and Sergio. (Look at that sweet little tie? Why is he the only one dressed up? I wonder if it was 1st communion or something special for him?)

Class photograph
Another Class photograph
Class Photograph
Spring Break 78?
 Sergio is in the center. Wild Young Man!

still late seventies
 Look at that hair! Look at that hand! He got it mangled in a machine and was VERY LUCKY. No permanent damage.

Our first Christmas together :)
Our Wedding Day (red bow tie)
Sergio in Vegas
My Hunky Husband today♥
See? I told you I was Blessed.