Saturday, July 23, 2011

You Look Just Like...

Do people ever tell you that you look just like someone?
I must have one of those faces. I get it a lot.  Interestingly I have been linked to some celebrities.  For your "entertainment" I decided to share and see what you think.
Back in the 70's... some people said I looked like Marcia Stassman. Remember her? It's Julie Kotter! Remember "Welcome Back Kotter"?  I had the same glasses too. Didn't every "cool" girl wear these?

Once when I had a Paper Route, a sweet little boy would wait on his porch, every week for me to deliver at his house.  He would just smile & smile.  Finally one day, he spoke to me.  I will never forget what he said;
Little Boy: "Gosh... Are You HER?"
Me:   "Who?"
Little Boy, pointing to one of the women on his T-Shirt of Charlie Angels:"HER!" 
Me: "Oh, No Sweetie, I'm not her, that's Jaclyn Smith!"
Little Boy: "Well, YOU look just like her!"  Bless his little heart... Someone needs to get the poor child some glasses!

I often got mistaken for this gal~
Leann & Jan 1979
This is my cousin Leann. My partner in Crime during my visits to Houston.
Today I look more like her sister Janet.
Jan & Janet 2010
My sweet Hubby use to tell me I looked like these two celebrities:
Stephanie Seymor
Stephanie Seymor in the 1990's
Stephanie Seymor... Do you remember her?  This is a more current photo.  You might remember her better before the four kids...when she was a model for Victoria Secret. Let me refresh your memory.
And theres this lovely actress...
Elizabeth Hurley
Isn't he the sweetest Hubby?  Telling me I look like them?  It did always make me smile (although I know I have never really resembled them).

I was also told this actress reminds someone of me...
Katherine Helmond
I was told, "even though you are much younger than her, I can see you looking like her when you are older."  Hmm Remember when she was in "Who's the Boss?" How about the sitcom "Soap", for you oldies like me.

Maria Shriver

My Mom has always told me I look and have the characters of Maria Shriver.  I actually see this.  And I find it a wonderful compliment as I have the highest respect and admiration for her.

I get pissy when I am told (and it is why I stopped wearing my glasses when my hair is in a bun), I look like this person...

Sarah Palin


I have ALWAYS wanted to look like this woman, that is just a couple years older than I.  Michelle Pfeiffer . She is AMAZING!  Is she really in her 50's?  Gosh to have her genes!

Now, back to reality...
I think I look most like this gal~
Julie & Jan
And I am perfectly content with that.  She is my wonderful big Sis, Julie.  We always have resembled each other.  As we age, even more so.


sheri said...

You have similarities to all of them. Claim your own beauty! I was honored to look enough like you & Julie that people thought we were all sisters.
Remember when I had that creepy boss who thought I looked like Brooke Shields?

ellen abbott said...

not to me but when we go to Mexico, many people are certain that my husband is one of their TV stars. They ask him for his autograph.

That Janie Girl said...

I agree, you are beautiful! I look forward to learning more about you!

Linda said...

This is interesting and funny, but I must confess that no one has ever told me that I look like anyone else other than just ME. I've always just liked to be unique - kind of quirky and different than others, not caring about styles - wearing what I like, doing what I like. Guess that's where Sarah gets it ;) In fact, if anyone even tried to compare me, I would cut them off right there because honestly it bugged me. I think that my sisters and I, while of course some similarities, are entirely different looking from one another and I'm glad. :)

the cake chick said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

Our chickens are doing much better now that the heat has let up.

I don't really look like anyone famous, but when I was in college, I worked in a hospital on the psych unit and there was a patient that looked just like me. It was very strange. Even the staff thought it was and that I had just lost it. Very strange.

janis said...

Sheri~ yes...he wasnt the only one that thought you looked like Brooke Shields, & my FIL thought you looked like an Anchor woman but I forget who that was.. Julie's id served us both a year of too early alcohol!
Ellen~ my Hubby gets mistaken for a lot of celebs & frighteningly we always run into people who DO know him, no matter where we go on Vacation!
Janie~ thank you~
Linda~ you actually look very familiar to me! I just cant put my finger on who!
Cake Chick~ glad the chicks are doing okay :) I wouldnt want to look like a psycho :)

Mimi Sue said...

All are beautiful women. Lucky you to look like them! Mimi

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

It looks like I may have found another blog to read and follow. :)

KPaine said...

Jan I think you look some what like all of them. When I was a kid I used to say I hope I look just like cousin Jan. I think you are one of the prettiest ladies I know love ya!!!!!

Darcel said...

I love the pink sprinkles around your comment section. I remember who's the boss. I loved that show! I've never been told I look like any celebrity.
I'm jealous about that :)

Julie Harward said...

I have been told things like this over the years too but I don't see it. It doesn't matter because you are just as if not more beautiful than any of them! ;D

Anonymous said...

I look like me, and am happy with that, never wanted to look like anyone else, never wished for longer legs, better teeth and skin, this is my lot and I am content with it, wrinkles, sorry laughter lines, and all!
Thanks for commenting on my blog - there's another one now...
just in case you want a story with that morning cuppa.