Sunday, July 31, 2011

This & That, Here & There

It has been a busy week.
I spent Monday, Thursday & Friday moving the oldest Baby Girl from Muncie, Indiana back to Indianapolis, Indiana. She has left her college town, and is to begin enjoying living in a condo with a Bestie. She still has one class in Muncie. A Teaching Math class.  She will commute twice a week to "Teach" Math to elementary children.  She doesn't know what grade yet, but is excited for this adventure. She also has landed her old Nanny position for the other three days a week here in Indy. At least until January, when she will begin her Student Teaching with 1st graders for a semester.  Emily's condo is BEAUTIFUL! Her sweet Roomie has done such a grand job decorating it. Emily is replacing a roomate that is getting married, perfect timing, (although Hubby would rather her stay home & save the money... I think it is a perfect arrangement for now.  Brittany has always been one of my favorites of Emily's friends. They have been friends since 6th grade! I love her Mom as well.
I snuck a couple of pictures...Emily, like her Dad, hates me snapping pictures, but I wanted you to see how darling this condo is. Isn't it snazzy with the browns & reds? Brit did this and a grand job. She said she is debating on changing it now. Getting tired of the brown. Emily will be ready to help if she does want to change it.
She took Izzy with her.  Izzy's new "litter mate is Ava.  Brittany's kitty. We miss them both. Izzy...well she has lived her this past year since Emily couldn't have her in her last house.  It's a love/hate relationship (I love her/ she hates me).  Our other ark pets wonder where she went... Emily & Izzy joined us for dinner last night which was great for all the pets to see she is fine.
Hubby is out on business this week. Teaching classes on Grievances. It's an interesting turn of his usual work actually handling grievances and negotiating.  I think he makes a good instructor.
I am hoping to get much accomplished this week, unlike my do nothing week a while back.  Busy Busy Busy is what I must be this week!
Projects to work on (Annie & I have some great ones we are hoping to finish this week!), friends to meet up with, Hospice family to visit, practice of my sign language, and the usual housework to boot.  I MUST get some letters written.  Catch up on a new book, and gets some Bible reading in too.
With that in mind & seeing that I have already spent too long in Blog World, I must bid you goodbye for now.  Have a Lovely Sunday. Blessings to you all♥


Reality Jayne said...

the condo is nice. She will be closer for visits. I have a kinda busy week ...Still trying for wednesday...Wanted Cindy Bee to be avail. but if not we could try anyway..Scribe (TH) can go. Let us know....

Linda said...

Very pretty condo! :) Hope you have a great week. Sarah starts Band camp bright and early tomorrow at the high school and it runs for 2 weeks and then school begins. Of course, Summer weather though is anything but over... this is when we were wishing for cooler temps but it's not going to happen, so it will be a rough time marching out in that heat, just like last year.

I have some stressful things going on at work, so am not looking forward to the new work week, but I'll manage. Wednesday, I'm off anyway, so that will break up the week.

Have fun.
Love, Linda

Julie Harward said...

How fun for her to have her own place to be, it will be good for her. You must be very proud of her. :D

bj said...

What a nice condo..she is gonna just love it, I'll bet. I can almost see your heart swelling with pride of her. :))

Yes, in with my blessings of 7 beautiful grandgirls, I have 3 of the most HANDSOME grandboys you've ever seen...:)))
Thanks so much for coming over.
xoxo bj

the cake chick said...

I think about my boys...they will be doing that some day. Time flies, my oldest will be 14 next week.

Fire Byrd said...

Not coming home after college is an important step in learning I think.
And getting such a nice place to share will make that journey so much easier. Love the vacum cleaner featuring in the photos!!!
Enjoy your busy week.

Reya Mellicker said...

The condo is adorable! Happy homecomings!