Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Naked Cat

Yesderday was the day Izzy got her grooming...
I picked up an Acepromazine (a tranquiler) from our Vet. Frustrated as the counter girl was a biatch to me.  (hey little girl...I have been coming to this Vet since before you were born! He knows me well & knows I take good care of my pets. I don't need you to lecture me about being behind on shots, or argue with me about dosage). I would so rather had talked to the Vet, or someone that has been here for a while & knows what they are talking about... Whatever.

I give Izzy her pill (the too low dose, but okay...) and head to the Groomer.
Janna's Doggie Dos and Kitties Too
Janna is my new Hero... so is her daughter Carlye.

Izzy...poor girl. Didn't realize what was about to happen.  The mats have been clearly uncomfortable. She has been a rather grumpy girl.

Her tranquilizer did NOT kick in.
She was ticked off. Too say the least...
This was her during the grooming... remember, she has been sedated... kind of..
The groomers did a great job considering she was completely turning into a wild cat. We had agreed to get a clean shave, avoid her tail area (no mats & it's such a pretty tail (Emily did not want the Lion cut tail) and leave her neck fluffy too. It took three groomers to handle, calm and groom her. Also a muzzle. (oh and lets not forget that $10 tranquilizer..which btw cost .60 at

This is her results...

She is too still beautiful!!!
Poor Baby... (Don't look at her tummy rolls).
She is adjusting well. A little flinchy.  A little chilled. But she seems so happy to have the mats a=off.  They were so close to her skin... I know they were painful.

The day was stressful for our little girl.  But... Annie let her up on her bed, and Izzy took a good nap.
It will take about three months to grow back. I am pretty sure we will keep her brushed regularly to avoid this again!


Scribe said...

Oh Poor Kitty! I bet she feels a bit nakey... yet freeing!

Reality Jayne said...

hmmmm...Poor kitty...But she does look peacful at the days end

Vanna said...

awe, but she does feel better i am sure. that video cracked me UP!!

Julie Harward said...

Guess what! I shave my cat too. I have had her ever since she was teenie-tiny, I had to feed her milk replacement with a dropper and she trusts me completely so...I just hold her by the back of the neck and start shaving. She holds still for me and acts like she loves it and afterwards, she rolls and rolls. She is easier to do than my dogs! Your cat is beautiful! :D

Scott said...

Glad you got poor Izzy taken care of. They do feel tremendously better without the big mats, although some cats seem embarrassed to me when they are shaved down. I probably just transfer my own thoughts to them. I'm not surprised about the ace. I have yet to find an effective oral sedative for cats (at least for procedures like grooming) and I'm not surprised by the cost difference. (Think of the expensive tylenol pill you request when in the hospital.) Vets can't often compete with PetMeds. The pill didn't cost you much, it was the filling fee that added to the cost. The business gurus say nothing should leave your hospital for less than $10. Although I hear about it sometimes from my partner, I can't buy into that philosophy, so when I sell a single pill I either skip the filling fee or make it much lower. (Those gurus would say, "Now didn't someone have to get the file and look up the patient information? Didn't someone have to maintain inventory and order that medicine? Didn't someone have to stock the shelf? Didn't someone have to take the time to get the bottle from the shelf, get the pill, package it, record it in the chart and type a label? Didn't you have to build storage space for those medicines and pay heating and cooling expenses to keep them at the proper temp? Didn't you have to buy a machine to type the label and a computer system to record the transaction in the patient's file? Didn't you have to pay someone to check the client out? Those are all the usual arguments. I just look at it as I'm making someone pay $10 for something that cost me maybe %.25. I just can't bring myself to do that.) But back to your beautiful kitty, glad she is mat free and feeling good.

Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

Poor thing! Glad she's better! :)