Sunday, July 31, 2011

This & That, Here & There

It has been a busy week.
I spent Monday, Thursday & Friday moving the oldest Baby Girl from Muncie, Indiana back to Indianapolis, Indiana. She has left her college town, and is to begin enjoying living in a condo with a Bestie. She still has one class in Muncie. A Teaching Math class.  She will commute twice a week to "Teach" Math to elementary children.  She doesn't know what grade yet, but is excited for this adventure. She also has landed her old Nanny position for the other three days a week here in Indy. At least until January, when she will begin her Student Teaching with 1st graders for a semester.  Emily's condo is BEAUTIFUL! Her sweet Roomie has done such a grand job decorating it. Emily is replacing a roomate that is getting married, perfect timing, (although Hubby would rather her stay home & save the money... I think it is a perfect arrangement for now.  Brittany has always been one of my favorites of Emily's friends. They have been friends since 6th grade! I love her Mom as well.
I snuck a couple of pictures...Emily, like her Dad, hates me snapping pictures, but I wanted you to see how darling this condo is. Isn't it snazzy with the browns & reds? Brit did this and a grand job. She said she is debating on changing it now. Getting tired of the brown. Emily will be ready to help if she does want to change it.
She took Izzy with her.  Izzy's new "litter mate is Ava.  Brittany's kitty. We miss them both. Izzy...well she has lived her this past year since Emily couldn't have her in her last house.  It's a love/hate relationship (I love her/ she hates me).  Our other ark pets wonder where she went... Emily & Izzy joined us for dinner last night which was great for all the pets to see she is fine.
Hubby is out on business this week. Teaching classes on Grievances. It's an interesting turn of his usual work actually handling grievances and negotiating.  I think he makes a good instructor.
I am hoping to get much accomplished this week, unlike my do nothing week a while back.  Busy Busy Busy is what I must be this week!
Projects to work on (Annie & I have some great ones we are hoping to finish this week!), friends to meet up with, Hospice family to visit, practice of my sign language, and the usual housework to boot.  I MUST get some letters written.  Catch up on a new book, and gets some Bible reading in too.
With that in mind & seeing that I have already spent too long in Blog World, I must bid you goodbye for now.  Have a Lovely Sunday. Blessings to you all♥

whew... thank goodness for Sunday

Ah Sunday.
St John's Catholic Church
I love Sundays.  Sunday is a glorious day. I use to be be a very good Catholic that went to church regularly.  Although I do not attend regular Mass anymore, my heart is filled with the Lord, especially on Sundays.  I want to return to Mass... Just need to make a decision on which one.  At Catholic churches they flip our priest around and sometimes that is good, sometimes just sad.  You get comfy and wham! Time for change. I understand. I get it. But, I also am being a tad stubborn.
I need to be back in church.  I need church.

This is the church we most recently attended.  After years with a closer church, that the girls attended for grade school & we followed throughout their high school, we ventured to this lovely favorite downtown.  It is wonderful. Fr Steve Giannini is so similar to the priest that brought me into the Catholic Church. I felt an instant connection with his preaching & teaching the Word.  But, he has moved on to another church :(... We need to give the new Priest a chance, but with the current downtown construction, particularly at the church, we have made a rare appearance here and there.  Also, I hate going by myself.  I feel ...pitied. We are a church that meets & greets during the service & I always feel lonely when solo, during this. Hubby is traveling much (en-route as I type, to Michigan again), and the girls, would go if I ask, but, Em doesn't even live here, and Annie, cherishes sleeping in on the rare occasion.
I am a Godly Woman. I am proud to serve our Lord. I live my life accordingly to His plan for me. I follow His lead.
I know, I know... stop making excuses.
I know in my heart where I should be. Here, enjoying services, looking at this:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Wonder/ Resurrection Lily Update

Resurrection/Wonder/Surprise Lily
 I promised to post pictures of the mysterious bulb that was blooming last week. Thank you for all that commented.  I had forgotten that I did have foliage that suddenly disappeared a few weeks prior to the bulbs sprouting. I had a great response of it being a Wonder Lily, more specifically a Lycoris bulb, some call it Naked Lady, Resurrection Lily, or Surprise Lily. (thank you Judy).
Pretty thing isn't it?  So glad I didn't pluck it from the ground.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

You Look Just Like...

Do people ever tell you that you look just like someone?
I must have one of those faces. I get it a lot.  Interestingly I have been linked to some celebrities.  For your "entertainment" I decided to share and see what you think.
Back in the 70's... some people said I looked like Marcia Stassman. Remember her? It's Julie Kotter! Remember "Welcome Back Kotter"?  I had the same glasses too. Didn't every "cool" girl wear these?

Once when I had a Paper Route, a sweet little boy would wait on his porch, every week for me to deliver at his house.  He would just smile & smile.  Finally one day, he spoke to me.  I will never forget what he said;
Little Boy: "Gosh... Are You HER?"
Me:   "Who?"
Little Boy, pointing to one of the women on his T-Shirt of Charlie Angels:"HER!" 
Me: "Oh, No Sweetie, I'm not her, that's Jaclyn Smith!"
Little Boy: "Well, YOU look just like her!"  Bless his little heart... Someone needs to get the poor child some glasses!

I often got mistaken for this gal~
Leann & Jan 1979
This is my cousin Leann. My partner in Crime during my visits to Houston.
Today I look more like her sister Janet.
Jan & Janet 2010
My sweet Hubby use to tell me I looked like these two celebrities:
Stephanie Seymor
Stephanie Seymor in the 1990's
Stephanie Seymor... Do you remember her?  This is a more current photo.  You might remember her better before the four kids...when she was a model for Victoria Secret. Let me refresh your memory.
And theres this lovely actress...
Elizabeth Hurley
Isn't he the sweetest Hubby?  Telling me I look like them?  It did always make me smile (although I know I have never really resembled them).

I was also told this actress reminds someone of me...
Katherine Helmond
I was told, "even though you are much younger than her, I can see you looking like her when you are older."  Hmm Remember when she was in "Who's the Boss?" How about the sitcom "Soap", for you oldies like me.

Maria Shriver

My Mom has always told me I look and have the characters of Maria Shriver.  I actually see this.  And I find it a wonderful compliment as I have the highest respect and admiration for her.

I get pissy when I am told (and it is why I stopped wearing my glasses when my hair is in a bun), I look like this person...

Sarah Palin


I have ALWAYS wanted to look like this woman, that is just a couple years older than I.  Michelle Pfeiffer . She is AMAZING!  Is she really in her 50's?  Gosh to have her genes!

Now, back to reality...
I think I look most like this gal~
Julie & Jan
And I am perfectly content with that.  She is my wonderful big Sis, Julie.  We always have resembled each other.  As we age, even more so.

Friday, July 22, 2011

What is It?

This afternoon I watered my Zebra Grass and Ferns and noticed a couple of these spouting from the ground.  No leafage, just a stem with a flower bud.
I have two of them.

What are they?  Some kind of day lily? The timing is right, and the lack of leaves. But where did they come from?  I haven't planted them. They just started popping up.

Any thoughts?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Sad Loss

Please keep my dear fellow Blogger Rosaria, of Sixty-five What Now? in your prayers.  Many of us here in the Blog World have been touched by her incredible gift of writing. Her journey has been one of amazement. She has shared her knowledge and wisdom and I for one, am truly Blessed for finding her and following for the past couple of years.  She is always encouraging and never selfish.
This week she has lost her precious son, Brian. I can not even imagine what she and her family are going through. I do know that if this happened to me, I could count on her to be praying for me and sending me positive energy.
Please join me in keeping her and her family in thoughts and prayer.
we love you Rosaria
may you be graced with peace.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lazy Hot Summer Days

I have been Home Alone (plus critters) all week.  I will not has been blissful. One morning I slept in till 11am. Seriously? When was the last time that happened? In my defense, I stayed up watching trashy reality shows till 2am the night before.

I have this wonderful opportunity to get so many "projects" done, cleaning done, and catching up.  I have many draft post that are begging me to complete & post. I have friends & family I could go visit and enjoy. Books calling me to read.

I have sat around mostly...vegging in the heat.  Watching crap on television, eating junk, laying around, surfing the web, and doing NOTHING.

I haven't worn makeup all week.  My hair is in a ponytail. I'm wearing comfy ugly clothes.  I have barely left the house.

Gosh it feels marvelous!

How often do we get these opportunities? Me? Never!

The Baby daughter comes home today. I should clean up. (House & myself). I should maybe tackle a couple of those things calling me to take care of. Maybe the easier ones at least. I texted a couple of friends to go check out a new antique shop later today.  It's trash day... maybe I should cut the big tree branches down to have out for trash pick up... (nah it's already 90 degrees with a heat index of at least 10 higher). 

Whoops...Baby Girl just texted me that they are on there way back, that means she  will be home this afternoon instead of this evening.  I guess that's my clue to get out of my comfy chair and get moving.

ugh...back to reality!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I know this is naughty, but it really made me giggle.  Have you ever wished you were magic to do just this?  Or maybe twitch my nose & make someone nicer. Make good things happen. Especially to those that so deserve it. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Thursday evening I had a hard time getting to sleep.  Usually, for the past couple years anyway, I pretty much fall asleep within an hour of hitting the pillow.
Nothing new on my mind, nothing new to be stressing over.  Feeling okay health-wise...except for  allergies (which I haven't been bothered with since 2008...until this summer).  But this particular evening I tossed & turned.  I also had a persistent little cough.  You know the kind... like something is tickling the back of your throat.  Just that barely there.. cough cough. I went into the living room with a cough drop as I didn't wait to wake the Hubby (poor thing rarely sleeps well & I certainly didn't want to be a culprit that kept him up).  I laid trying to sleep, finally, once I got that cough quieted. I returned to bed. And went to sleep.

I woke up, Hubby already off to work. As I swung my legs off the bed and went to stand, my left leg completely collapsed. It wasn't hurting, but it wasn't "working" either.  It's like no muscle control at all. I couldn't move it. I could manipulate it with my hands, and locked it into a standing position, but I couldn't make it move on it's own at all. I tried to take a step with the right leg and as soon as weight was put onto the left leg, down I collapsed again.
I tried massaging it, slapping it around, begging it.  Eventually I started getting some control and soon enough it was functioning normally.
But, seriously? What the heck?

I have always had some circulation problems.   My legs would get that tingling "falling asleep" problem and not function well. Arms and hands too. For as long as I can remember.

On occasion, my leg will give out from under me. I've had some painful and some embarrassing moments. It always frightens me but I have been living with it for as long as I can remember.

A couple years back this was happening a lot more frequently, especially with my hands and arms. I went through some testing at the hospital (I was sure I had Restless Leg Syndrome).  That was ruled out as well as anything "major".  But I never got an answer as to what was going on.  We kind of dropped it once we realized it wasn't anything major.

But, now, after Friday morning's incident.  I am concerned.  Is this getting old?  Is this going to continue to get worse?  Is this going to affect my walking, driving and daily functioning?
It was a tiny tiny window into my friends with Multiple Sclerosis and other  muscular diseases daily living.  Not being able to use your limbs or control them. To lose something we take for granted so easily. I don't even "think" about movement.. I just do it. To lose movement, it would be so imprisoning and frightful.

My adoring Doctor has recent moved far away to begin a new wonderful journey.  I am in the process of setting up a new Doctor's care and doing the transfer stuff. I have been so Blessed that our "old" Family Physician was also one of Hubby's best friends.  He knew us better than any other Doctor possibly could.  Maybe new Doctor will have some fresh perspective of what is happening to my aging and changing body. Or maybe, she will think I am a hypochondriac. Either way, eventually I will have to bring it up.  Oh well... it can wait, for now.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

life breaths
Sometimes, things are going so splendidly~ You find yourself actually smiling every day. Feeling giddy. Enjoying the little things.  You see the world with a brighter attitude.  You are proud of yourself for the first time in a long time. The way you handle the bumps in the road and the coping skills you have learned.
Life is good...
you are happy.

Then in a blink of an eye, something flips. Just like a light switch.

Maybe it is the weather...
Maybe it is financial...
Maybe it is just too many harsh words from someone you love...
Or maybe, it is all the above.

I look around me, and see so many things to make me happy. So many reasons to rejoice.
but sometimes I can't stop the vortex sucking me in, feeling myself spin, getting that sick feeling in my stomach, my head gets hot, and my heart starts to crumble.

I think about those less fortunate and carry many larger burdens. How impressive it is that they can manage and be so positive.

I try so hard to not carry a self pity for myself.  I remind myself that I must trust God's plan for me and not question it. To have faith that God is in charge and WILL see me through everything always. I can't change what is my destiny and instead embrace and try to better understand what I am to learn through each experience given to me.

My beautiful breeze has left us.  In it's place is horrible hot humid days with a heat index of 111. Yesterday, I feared I would have a heart attack as I cut the grass in this heat.  I know that the lawnmower stopped those three times to force me to catch my breath and to hydrate myself.

I am anxiously waiting to get back to work (not until mid-August), so I can receive my much needed paychecks to contribute to our cost of living. Also my work makes me happy.

I struggle with not being able to "fix" things for those I love.  I want to make things easier, I want to give comfort.  I want to give reassurance.  I keep trying to "turn that chair into a couch".

The Hubby's work is very intense and grueling lately (actually always).He is a tough negotiator and doesn't get contracts completed by being gentle. The tougher the situation the more likely it will trickle home. Which makes life at home hard for me.

There are other problems within those walls that is putting too much pressure within. In respect of my family, I don't write about this, but it doesn't mean it isn't there. Part of my biggest problem is the fact that I know I will never live up to high expectations. Nor be loved as much as I give. It is a harsh, taxing, and destructive walk. Sometimes I feel so ready to give up. But, God keeps me going.  I know He's got my back.

If you are a reader of Faith... I would appreciate some prayers.  If you are not, any positive energy sent my way would be appreciated.  I know I will get through this all, but I feel a definite struggle  with this.

Life is so short...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Mouning Dove

Yesterday I buried a Mourning Dove.  It was sitting upward in the yard, with it's tail up, and it's head down. It didn't have a mark on it, but it was very dead.
I buried it because it seemed like a friend.  It, and it's partner, have lived here in my yard longer than we. I have grown very fond of the pair, and the familiar cooing song they made together.
They hung out beneath my finch feeder, eating the spillage on the ground. They lived in my trees, my neighbors trees, and hung out on the roofs as well.  I don't know what happened. But as my family says, "it's nature Mom". It happens every day.
I can't tell you how sad I was seeing it had died.  I scooped it up and gently placed it in the bushes.  But then I worried about the little body and the elements decaying it.  I worried about it's partner, seeing it there and not being able to do anything about it.  I worried about my cat, Mischa, and my dog Dakota, getting a hold of and the possibility of getting sick (I don't know how this little guy died, and also we all know that a decomposing bird can harbor disease.)
I went to this little guy, and decided to bury it. As I would a pet. The catch... I buried it next door. Don't be getting all in my face telling me  I can't do that... The house is vacant.  It's for sale (bank owned). The previous owner would have wanted me to bury here as well. I picked a nice quiet spot under a tree, where nothing will bother it, nor be planted there.  I buried it deep, and flattened the ground. You can't even tell something was buried there.
Meanwhile, it's devoted partner came to visit me today. It sat under the finch feeder and watched me. I spoke to it. It spoke to me.  And then it was gone. I hope it will return.

It is said that a Mourning Dove has a lifetime of 5-7 years when living free.
It is also said that they take a partner for life.

They spend their whole lives with the one partner. Taking care of each other. Being exclusive and faithful.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Naked Cat

Yesderday was the day Izzy got her grooming...
I picked up an Acepromazine (a tranquiler) from our Vet. Frustrated as the counter girl was a biatch to me.  (hey little girl...I have been coming to this Vet since before you were born! He knows me well & knows I take good care of my pets. I don't need you to lecture me about being behind on shots, or argue with me about dosage). I would so rather had talked to the Vet, or someone that has been here for a while & knows what they are talking about... Whatever.

I give Izzy her pill (the too low dose, but okay...) and head to the Groomer.
Janna's Doggie Dos and Kitties Too
Janna is my new Hero... so is her daughter Carlye.

Izzy...poor girl. Didn't realize what was about to happen.  The mats have been clearly uncomfortable. She has been a rather grumpy girl.

Her tranquilizer did NOT kick in.
She was ticked off. Too say the least...
This was her during the grooming... remember, she has been sedated... kind of..
The groomers did a great job considering she was completely turning into a wild cat. We had agreed to get a clean shave, avoid her tail area (no mats & it's such a pretty tail (Emily did not want the Lion cut tail) and leave her neck fluffy too. It took three groomers to handle, calm and groom her. Also a muzzle. (oh and lets not forget that $10 tranquilizer..which btw cost .60 at

This is her results...

She is too still beautiful!!!
Poor Baby... (Don't look at her tummy rolls).
She is adjusting well. A little flinchy.  A little chilled. But she seems so happy to have the mats a=off.  They were so close to her skin... I know they were painful.

The day was stressful for our little girl.  But... Annie let her up on her bed, and Izzy took a good nap.
It will take about three months to grow back. I am pretty sure we will keep her brushed regularly to avoid this again!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fireworks VS Godworks

I hate fireworks.

I am one of those "weird" people.
I don't find them beautiful.
Not even pretty. 
I do think they are incredible.
Powerful and interesting.
They are loud. They are dangerous. They are expensive.

For years our neighborhood, where the girls grew up, had an outrageous firework exhibit.  I had a neighbor, who had a rather large love for fireworks. He spent thousands... tens of thousands on his firework displays.  He hired crews. Hired firemen, and hired police men to handle the powerful illuminations and the crowds of people that came to our neighborhood to watch. We, as well as all our neighbors, took an advantage of this spectacular show to have massive cookouts and enjoyed the show.  Mike spent an average of $16,000 per 4th of July.  Seriously...

While we enjoyed our cookouts, and the entertainment that my neighbor provided.  And while we deeply appreciated the precaution he took...I couldn't help but think of what all that money spent on a two hour firework show could do.

Let me tell you what I find truly incredible and beautiful.
God's natural fiery displays.
I could sit for hours and watch a lightening show.
To me there is nothing more powerful than this.
Now, that is remarkable.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Isabelle's Diliema

Isabelle aka Izzy
Remember Izzy?  My daughter Emily's cat?  The one that doesn't like me even though I took her in when Emily moved into an apartment that wouldn't let her bring her cat(she will take her back in August)? The one that after I feed her, clean her litter box, "try" to be lovey to her, she hisses and swats at me? But will purr and love on my Hubby?  Also will be sweet to my younger daughter.  The only cat I have ever met that didn't love me back... That Izzy.

She has a dilema.

She had a little mat in her fur on her hip.  She doesn't let me brush her. Although I tried. Emily and I even tried to cut it out. Also Hubby tried.  The mat, instead of shrinking or getting brushed out... it grew. Make that multiplied.  Over the past week or so, it is migrated across both hips and spread wider. AND now it is to the skin.. I can't get a comb between the hair and her skin. It also seems to be uncomfortable (she is sleeping flat on her tummy now instead of the kitty curl).

We decided she needs help. Professional help.
It's a Cat Grooming Emergency.

So...we franticly searched for someone that will see her ASAP.
Do you know how hard that is?  Groomers want you to make appointments 2 weeks in advance.  Some don't even want to touch cats (hmmm, I can imagine why). I finally found a Vet clinic that will take her Wednesday, but they didn't even ask her name, and wouldnt give me prices. They want me to drop her off at 7am, and they will call me when they look at her to give me an idea what it will cost... Not feeling good about this...  I also found, through the magic of Facebook and networking through a friend of a friend...found a Groomer, that not only took the time to call me back (and on her birthday!) she was honest and upfront about her thoughts about the situation.  We scheduled for Tuesday morning. If she doesn't think she can handle her (let's face it Izzy is a bit of a mean cat), then she will send me along. Then I will have to make the scary appointment.

We are thinking since she must be shaved...
might as well make her somewhat cute with a lion cut.

Have you seen them?
Let me show you what I am talking about...
Now, even though I think these are hilarious... I would not have this done to one of our cats, unless they HAD to get shaved. I think the natural hair, long or short looks best.  We had an elderly cat that got mats and I tried shaving with a razored letter opener. I thought I was so smart, zipping this through his mats and doing it myself.  He was a sweet old cat and flinched only once....

Bad memory. Bad, bad.. Also why I refuse to try that again...

So, you see our diliema.
We have no choice.
She has to be shaved... might as well try to make her somewhat cute instead of having her hips alone shaved as if she had surgery.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Today is July 1st? 
How did that happen so quickly?

We are still enjoying the cool summer breeze that I am obsessed with. However it is raining west of us and heading this way.  I believe it will hang out all weekend.  I'm fine with that. Better than the heat.

This birdhouse is the one I got from my Aunt last year. I was so disappointed that no birds would use it. Then I moved it to the front yard and placed it in the Magnolia tree.  I have a perfect view of the activity it now has.  Some sweet little Momma nested in it.

This summer is really flying by.
June was but a blink of the eye.

Happy July everyone! Hopefully it will slow down just a bit.