Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quondam Tuesday

My Hubby has a birthday on Friday.  Although he is a very private man, and is a bit uncomfortable with my Blog and putting it out there, I don't think he'd mind me using photographs of his childhood and spotlighting him for my Quondam Tuesday. It's the here and now that freaks him out.
So without further ado, I give you:  
Sergio Gonzalez
Mom & Siblings w/ Sergio
 Unfortunately I have very few photographs of Sergio as a child. He had 5 siblings, and unlike my family growing up, pictures wasn't a big part of his childhood. These photographs were a lovely rare day at the park with his Mom, and siblings. Sergio is about 4 I believe. Delia, Homero, Sergio, Nellie, Nora and Momma.
Sergio Mom, & Siblings

Sergio 1963
 A very mad Kindergartener.

Sergio, Momma, Siblings & a friend
No date on this... Delia, Nellie, Momma holding Nora, Homero, Sergio & half a friend.

Heading to church

Sergio, siblings & friends
I love this one. It looks like Easter maybe? When Sergio's parents left Mexico, they became very close to friends. With no family in town, their friends became family. I love how these children were family as far as they were concerned. (Sergio is the tough little guy in the leather jacket).

The Gonzalez Family
This is the ONLY photograph I have ever seen of all 6 children and their parents together. Very precious photograph! Papa is holding Maria, Momma, Nora, Homero, Delia, Nellie and Sergio. (Look at that sweet little tie? Why is he the only one dressed up? I wonder if it was 1st communion or something special for him?)

Class photograph
Another Class photograph
Class Photograph
Spring Break 78?
 Sergio is in the center. Wild Young Man!

still late seventies
 Look at that hair! Look at that hand! He got it mangled in a machine and was VERY LUCKY. No permanent damage.

Our first Christmas together :)
Our Wedding Day (red bow tie)
Sergio in Vegas
My Hunky Husband today♥
See? I told you I was Blessed.


Karen said...

Hi Janis. Happy Birthday to your husband. While you never said how old is is - I'm thinking by looking at those pictures - we must be about the same age. I'm surprised my husband isn't in the spring break picture!
Thanks for your well wishes for my trip. I CANNOT WAIT! I can't believe it is finally here - we've been waiting for what seems like forever!
Have a fun evening tonight and we'll catch up when I get back with my trailer full of STUFF!
:) Karen

Julie Harward said...

I loved these old photo's..he was such a sweet young boy. So good that you are blessed...have a good week! ;D

Lori ann said...

happy birthday to your husband! you are so sweet and caring to do this.

Anonymous said...

Jan! I love that last photo of Sergio. He looks so relaxed and content.
Love ya,