Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quondam Tuesday... It's All About Miss Kitty

This Quondam Tuesday, I am taking you on a trip to meet my Muse.
Grandma Kitty & I ~2000~
The wonderful Kathryn Louise Garner Wright.
If you are familiar with my Blog, you have heard many stories of this Darling Grandma that helped me to become who I am.

Kathryn Lousie Garner, was born September 11, 1927.

Kitty ~1932~ age five

I love this photograph. Kitty is five, she is so happy. Look at her little doll bundled up. She is holding her up to be in the photo with her.  This is in front of their home in Lakeland Florida.

Kitty age six ~1933~

This one was taken at age six. I don't believe it was her pony. She always loved ponies, horses, and all animals. She was blessed to have them in her life. Look how adorable her smile is. She is so confident!

Kitty  ~1936~

Kitty is nine here. She sits so poised. She did some modeling in her teens & early twenties. She had the most vibrate golden red hair. Her smile was genuine and contagious.

Kitty ~1951~

Here is Kitty at 24.
She is now living in San Antonio, Texas. At this point she has ended a very bad marriage with a cruel man, has a young son, and is about to meet my Grandfather.

Ed Wright & Kitty 1952

This photograph is titled on the back, "Self-portrait". My Grandparents are dating. They are both divorced, and both have a child from their previous marriages. My Grandfather's daughter, Barbara, my Mom, is 12. My Grandmother's son, Ricky is around 6.

Kitty & Ed Wright ~1953~
 ♥My Grandparents wedding♥

Ed & Kitty ~1953~

♥The Honeymoon in Mexico♥

Grandma Kitty & Jan 1978
This is truly one of my favorite photographs I own. It was taken the summer of 1978. One of my Summers spent in Texas with my Grandparents. It was taken in a photo booth. I had it enlarged and framed. Grandma had one also. This photo represents the love that this incredible woman gave me. You can see it in her expression. You can see how loved I feel. Our relationship was very Blessed. How grateful I am that my Grandparents allowed me to stay all those summers. And that my parents allowed me to go. I spent all my summers from Eighth grade to my Senior year in high school, plus Christmas my Senior year. Very formative years. I learned so much from them both.

My Grandma Kitty passed away June 3rd, 2003. Too soon. But God needed her. My Grandfather was waiting for her in Heaven. She is all over my home. Photos, sentiments, or silliness that I developed from her.
She is a part of me and who I am.


Pammy Sue said...

Pure sweetness! Such great photos too!

V's Time said...

I remember her like yesterday. She was so sweet and so much fun to spend time with when visiting Uncle David and Aunt Debbie.

Twipi said...
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Scott said...

You know me, I'm a sucker for old photos. I love these, and I especially love the one of you and your grandmother in the photo booth. What special memories. I lost both of my maternal grandparents when I was only 2, but thankfully, I was able to enjoy my Dad's folks into my 20's. I wish I could have had them longer. Thanks for sharing this. (Please pardon the TwiPi post. I didn't realize my daughter was still logged into her blog. I thought it was me.)

Mark Pressley said...

You have some great memories and pictures. I miss my grandparents.

ellen abbott said...

Oh Janis, that is so beautiful. I hope my grandkids feel the same way about me.

Anonymous said...

this is a great entry. i loved it. your grandmother looked like a young judy garland in some of the middle photos

Lori ann said...

Janis this is an incredible post. All of your memories and photos are completely wonderful.

The photo booth photo is priceless and i can see why you love it so. you are both beautiful inside and out.


Anonymous said...

You are lucky to have such memories and photographs. Thank you for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

Grandma Kitty was ONE classy lady. The best grandma ever. Great tribute Jan. I love YOU.

JC said...

She looked like a very nice person.

Linda said...

This is so precious and wonderful. The pictures are priceless! She was born 2 years after my Dad (he was born in 1925) and will be 86 this year. So your Grandmother was my Dad's age.

It's been such an emotional week here and I'm trying to get my words together to write about our trip to the old homeplace. Besides wanting to bring my parents there, I was hoping for some sort of connection to my Grandparents because even though I never knew them, I've missed them so much my entire life.

You're very fortunate to have had this wonderful blessing in your life and you wrote about it beautifully. ♥


Carolynn said...

A lovely tribute. So wonderful to have all those photos as a keepsake and the memories you can revisit at will.

Ziongirl said...

What a lovely tribute! Oh Janis, Miss Kitty is just beautiful!
Memories are my most cherished posessions! ♥

Bee Lady said...

What a beautiful post and such a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. Such gorgeous people. I have to tell you that your parents must have been wonderful to let you spend the summer with your grandparents. My Grandmother's passed away much too young. I never knew them. I had one Grandfather that I did get to know and have very fond memories.

Cindy Bee

Scribe said...

An eloquent post! Truly a great tribute to a wonderful life lived...

My Nan & Grandpa took me to the lake every weekend... twas the best of time of my childhood.