Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out Like A April will be Like the Lamb?

picture from Alvarorj

With the old saying that March, "Goes in like a lamb, and comes out like a lion", not exactly true for 2011. Does that mean we will have April like the lamb we were hoping March would be?

Across the world, we have seen some crazy weather lately. And I do mean crazy! Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, extreme heat, and snow where it does usually snow.

Even here in Indiana, where we claim the one thing you can count on is the weather can change in an instant, we have seen some bizarre weather.

I am ready for Spring. I am ready for April showers to bring May flowers. I have gotten a taste of it before Mother Nature changed her mind. SIKE! (remember that word from the 70's? People would say something false then say SIKE!. So queer.. but anyway, what was I saying? oh yeah.) We had temperatures go from 75 down to 35 within a couple days. My blooms are confused, and I fear the lovely spring will not be quite so colorful now.

March was okay. Better than February. (yucky cruel February..I am still mad at February 2011). The one thing I will really miss from March. Are you ready for it? THIS:
So addicting. Shamrock Shakes. I get so happy when they start making them. They are suppose to look just like this. And I get them all month. BUT, this March, throw me a bone when I was wanting steak...

Look what this evil McDonalds did to me one day.
What the Hell? When this evil woman handed it too me and said, "Ain't that prudy? That prudy green swirled?" I said, "No, Are you kidding me? Looks like someone messed up!" She said, "No, that is the way it's suppose to Be!" Shoved it at me & closed her window. I was shocked, but in a hurry late to an appointment & thought, oh well, It still will taste good. No, no it did not at all. It was a syrupy mess. But I had waited in the line for 12 minutes and so late that I decided I would bring it back, later when I was heading back home. Which I did. And talked to the manager. I know, it was just $2.64 cents, but a principal. And I wanted the manager to know, that I would not be back at this Mickey D's.

Okay sidetracked again. Well lets see. I need to get back to applying for jobs and then clean my little mansion.  This morning I applied to two Administrative Assistant positions. Then I laughed hysterical for a while. I was matched for a job that I clearly could not, would not do. That happens sometimes, but usually it is a job that I do not have the education for. Today, one of my "matches" was for a "Server/ TLC girl" position at one of Indy's Hot Gentleman's Club... If you know what I mean. It cracked me up. Many many many year ago, I worked in a grand little restaurant as a server. My co-worker / friend's husband owned this Gentleman's Club I mentioned above. He was always trying to get me to come work for him. HaHa! Me a stripper? No thank you! 27 years later I'm sure "C" wouldn't want me there! The body ain't what it use to be! lmao!
Have a beautiful March 31st♥


Judy Miller said...

Janis, Mark's mother (my sister) one time had gone to the same McD's 3 times in one week (it was one of those weeks when kids and parents have to go to a dozen diffenert places all at once). For the third time that week the window person said her order would be ready soon so could she pull up and wait. She had had it. She told the person "this is a drive thru, not a pull over and wait" and she stayed in place. Needless to say their order was up quickly.

Bridgette said...

Green too sure about that one Janis. We don't have those in Alabama. I am SO SO SO ready for spring too!!! :)

Mark Pressley said...

Ha ha, I kind of remember that story mom taught me a sharp tong. I love cheese but not on fish I had been through a drive up a couple of different times and had my order screwed up so on the next visit. I clearly said water, a fish sandwich tarter sauce no cheese. The girl repeated it back to me three different times saying fish with cheese, so after the third round my response was this: Bottle of water a fish sandwich and if there is cheese on the sandwich I will pull the window open and throw it at you! A very quick and correct transition followed after that.

Janis I was out of the country this week you had asked about the grave site it is on Allisonville. I won’t be buried there though we had to purchase a site several years ago due to a lost pregnancy at birth and it was just as simple to buy all three. At this point in my life I will be cremated and set beneath the tree that I pray at.

Sounds like Sergio had a great birthday good job.

Julie Harward said...

That last part is too funny! The shake looked good..too bad. Crazy stuff going on in the world for sure..I winder if God is trying to get out attention!

Reality Jayne said...

Way to go in returning the shake.. When they fill my fries up half way ......I tell them I want my order to look like the fries on the billboard....Overflowing and fresh. When they give me a look .....I say ..."Hey ...thats why i came here." "Dont tell me your putting out false advertisment".

Bridgette said...

I <3 you Janis!

rosaria said...

Sorry to hear about your job hunting woes. Sending you good vibes your way, along with promises of sunshine and milder temp.

bj said...

You so crack me up, girl. I love your cute personality.
I've noticed that a lot of places are cutting down on the things that used to come with it, for one price. Now, they want to charge you for the *extras*....*sigh

Cuckoo said...

Hi janis! That milkshake look dreadful, good on you for taking it back. I wonder how many vile ones they shoved through that window that day.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my blog, I've been trying to pop by to say hi for a few days now but I keep getting called away, as you can imagine! I'm trying to keep up the blogging momentum as I'm loving the interaction with people like you but boy o boy blogging does take up time and I'm a little short on that at the mo.

I hope you are well and that the weather is becoming more spring like where you are, before long it'll be blisteringly hot and the cool weather will be a distant memory.

I'm just trying to imagine you saying leggings ten times with a lisp, you funny thing!