Monday, March 21, 2011

My Delta Zeta Sweetie

Our Annie 3.14.2011
Saturday, Hubby & I joined the Baby for a Parent's Banquet hosted by her sorority, Delta Zeta.
I am happy both my daughters chose to be in sororities. I feel they have enriched their lives and given them not only a wealth of experience but truly, some life long friendships. 
I can not even begin to tell you how proud I am of Annie and her sorority accomplishments.  She currently holds title of Vice President of New Members. While we dined a young woman approached us so her Mother could meet Annie.  How proud was I? Annie has made such an impression and impact that Mom wanted to thank her? Oh yeah... That 's my Baby Girl!

Sergio Me & Annie
Although Hubby will disagree, the luncheon was quite good. 

Molly, Sue, & Mike

We sat with Annie's Roommate Molly, and her parents.

Karen & Dana

Along with Emily's bestie Dana, and Mom Karen.

Always a great group of girls and parents. This is Annie's "BIG" Sister Katie. A great friend. A true lifer.
Katie & Her Mama
The afternoon was grand. I am so glad we got to come this year. I have a wonderful daughter and I am so very proud of her♥


Linda said...

Great pictures and it's wonderful! :) I have absolutely no experience in such things as none of my sisters and I were involved in anything like this and in fact, only one of us went to college. The rest of us just went to work, lol. :)

Glad you had this marvelous time together.
Love, Linda

Tina said...

You certainly have reason to be proud! What a great accomplishment for your daughter...and for you!
Happy you were able to have such a wonderful day!

Mark Pressley said...

I did not go to college, Nancy and Kait did not want to be in a Sorority when they went.
But Hank is all about a Fraternity and at Wabash they rush early to eliminate temporary dorm life. Hank rushed last week and received a bid to Sigma Chi his first choice and he accepted. We were very proud of him and he was so happy I think it relieved a few of his fears of College life right out of the gate.

Janis your pride of family always shows through good for you.

janis said...

Thank you all~
Mark~ I do believe it depends on the college... Emily had no Sorority interest BUT.. at Ball State, although they have Frat houses, no sorority the girls still live outside of there sorority. Emily has a house that she rents w one sorority sister, one DZ, and one non-greek. She has stayed in the Chi-O house in Bloomington & says there is no way she'd do this at a school where Sorority houses are (too much drama). Emily is low key with hers whereas Annie rocks hers. It would have been nice if they were in the same but, although very close they are very individual. I would have loved it but couldnt afford if (besides I was at VU one year IUPUI one year...never finished.

Mark Pressley said...

I did not know that about Ball State and yes that is why Kait an Nanc avoided it "Girl Drama."

Hank on the other hand will be king of all that is Frat.

It will be good for us to learn new things.