Monday, March 14, 2011

Izzy's a Hottie

She has been living with us since Emily moved into her last house in Muncie. Izzy was able to live with her in the apartment but, this house.. no pets. So, Izzy moved in with us, and our pets.

Izzy can be a bit of a uhm... bitch. She is very much a cat.
{" I will come when I want...Don't touch me... Hiss Hiss scratch claw... Stay out of my way"}.
Anyway, back to the little Diva being a Hottie. She perches herself in a window and looks down upon the peasants. Occasionally the neighbor cat (male) will come over and stare at her. She turns her nose up, hisses and has no interest in this old Tom.

BUT~ the occasion Feral Tom Cat that makes his way thru the neighborhood... that's another story. He is a handsome ruff looking guy. I'm guessing as a human he'd be a Taylor Lautner.
I can't get him on film, he runs off when I try to open the door for a shot.
I did get Izzy on film...
I'm not sure if she wants him or wants to hurt him.
She runs to the windows back and forth until he comes over to the front porch, and she does this.

I think he is shacking up under our house in the crawl space. Remember my story about trying to save the cats that got under the house back in January 2010. The post was "Here Kitty Kitty Kitty".. and can be found HERE .

I gotta get him to move on. Her is causing much havoc here at the Gonzalez home. My dogs are flipping out. Mescha is confused and Rocky, as old as he is, he wants to go kick some Cat butt...

Last night, Hubby and I came home to find Mr Taylor Tom decided to "Mark" the front porch. My cat friends know what I am talking about. A male un-neutered male can spray a horrible urine-like substance, and smells horrible! We could even smell it inside around the entry.

I did get it cleaned up. I used a Outdoor Barrier made by Odor Ban.

I actually haven't noticed him tonight, come to think of it. I was too busy being entertained by the Geese, but that is a whole other posting..


Pammy Sue said...

Eww. Is Izzy spayed? She probably wants to claw his eyes out and defend her territory. Aren't all cats bitches? I've never had one that wasn't.

Reality Jayne said...

I think Izzy wants to have a romance with a true bad boy...a street rat, a lost boy, a know what i mean?

Scott said...

My cat Zoobie is a kitty prima donna who swears like a sailor if she sees another cat, regardless of its sex. She has had some excited staredowns with squirrels, though. But thankfully, squirrels don't mark. I can remember when the neighborhood Tom cats repeated claimed our front porch at my parents' house. We could no longer sit outside, it stunk so bad. Yuck!

Maggie said...

Spraying cats are a pain in the backside aren't they? I love cats, but sometimes....GRR!! when I see them in the garden marking it as if it were theirs when they live several doors away.
I remember one house we moved into reeked of cats pee, it was dreadful in one room in particular. It took months to get rid of that smell before we could refloor the room. Why do some people behave like that, letting their cats foul the home?

janis said...

Pammy~ OMGosh! YES she is spayed. As a Animal Rescue Lover, that is the first thing on the TO DO list for my pets. And yes...cats do seem to have the Bitch reputation. ha ha!
RJ~ I think you are right. She was a Barn kitten that was given to Emily at 3 weeks because her siblings were getting eaten by a coyote and she & two siblings were spared. My daughter & her roommate took all three! Izzy's brothers live with the Roomie. Izzy has it in her blood to be wild.
Scott~ Zoobie swears like a Sailor? that is so funny but I know what Kitty swears sounds like!
Maggie~ It is terrible! When Rocky came to live with us, we had our home inspected by buyers. Rocky was not our cat yet... But we had a box on the porch for him...he was a big ole Tom, and I had 3 indoor cats. The buyers thought Rocky was one of mine & forced him in the house... 2 hours later we arrived home to see a mess, my dogs pyscho, as well as my cats. Rocky was perched up on top of a wall unit. He sprayed ALOT! I had never had that problem because I neutered & spayed prior to them "starting" that. Oh what a mess. Can you believe we decided to keep him anyway? We could bear the thought of leaving him, even though he was not our cat! Hubby brought him in on Halloween in fear someone would hurt him (Black Cat)and he was so sweet. We had him neutered the next week and he never sprayed again :)


Very funny love story. Yes it's love and of course she wanted the ruff tough construction/fireman type cat. So why not let Izzy out for a bit of fun. Or not. She may claw his eyes out.


This very laptop was marked about a week ago by the formerly stray male cat we took in about 6 months ago...a change is comin', and he don't know it yet.