Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Goofy Geese

Yesterday, the neighborhood Geese hit the rooftops.  They have been acting goofy lately. Squawking like crazy and chasing each other around.
I have only seen Geese on the roofs one other time. That was in Fort Wayne Indiana, about 12 years ago. Yesterday I saw four Geese on two houses, facing each other across the street squawking. (At least they stayed off mine).

Is it mating season?

Anyone else have Canadian Geese on their roofs?


Reality Jayne said...

Looks like a turf war...a stand off maybe.

Fire Byrd said...

Lovely as all birds are, Canada geese are just too noisy. Don't envy your neighbourhood if they decide to breed there this spring!
Great photos though of geese being daft!

Linda said...

Yes, it's probably mating season and I hate it, lol. Seriously though - while Jim and I were out in Champaign over the weekend, there were Geese walking everywhere in the roadways and I said "Just Great....I hate them" because it means that they're back doing their weird stuff, while I'll be out walking on my lunchtime and they get very mean and chase me and I'm afraid of them. The thing about out where I walk, there are NO ponds. So, what are they doing out there? Laying their eggs. Last year, one of the Geese had a nest up in a hollowed out tree trunk.

Bee Lady said...

Nature is getting weird on us. Tis mating season.

Cindy Bee