Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Golden Box of Treasures

Growing up there has always been a particular ottoman that moved from home to home with us. Frankly it was an ugly piece, a square box, with a hinged lid. The material was a golden vinyl, with four covered buttons on the top. To us, it was "the gold hassock". We also had a smaller round green one, but it did not have a storage area.

I absolutely loved that ugly little hassock.

My Mom had it stuffed full of pictures. To me it was an escape into story~land.  Their were plenty of memories in there. As well as many mysteries, stories I yet to know. I always enjoyed pulling them out and going through them.

Julie & I would pour through the photographs. Laughing and remembering. Sometimes guessing. My cousins also loved to dump it out and sift through. My Mom was and is notorious for having a camera in her hand (or in our faces). While many times it was annoying, it also is appreciated. I noticed many photographs we have are from her side of the family so in her defense, she gets it honestly.

It served not only as a storage bin of photos and a footstool, but a seat when needed, as well as a table and even a TV tray when necessary (TV trays were essential in the 70's, we loved TV and basically ate in front of it often.).

I was talking to my Mom this morning.  I told her I was thinking about that old golden hassock, and that I wish I had a picture of it. That surely it is in the foreground or background of some of the many pictures we had. She laughed and said she still has it. It is used as a base for a tabletop! And I am welcome anytime to come look through it again.

I will take her up on that.

Maybe I will take a picture of the old ugly thing. Until then, here are some I found that I would love to own.
I would love to have this one! Isn't it gorgeous?
Go HERE  for more info on it. It's a little step for me.. £950 which I believe is about $518.00 when I tried converting. So rich in style though.
 I also LOVE this one. From our lovely Anthropologie click HERE for more on it. It's $1,598.00
 and my favorite from Anthropologie, I can't find in the catalog. But I am sure it too is out of my price range.

Maybe I can get creative and buy one similar to the old ugly one (or get Mom to give me old Goldie) and recover it in a fun fabric?  hmmm


Scott said...

There are old "ugly" pieces of furniture for which I, too, have fond memories. It wasn't the looks that ever won me over, it was the life events that involved them that made them special. There was an old chair in the basement that was basically a prehistoric recliner. I have a favorite picture of my parents as a young couple sitting together in that chair. It was very comfortable although not necessarily the most attractive chair. Several years ago Dad threw it out. He offered it to me, but I didn't have any place I could put it. It broke my heart. But it exists in old pictures and my fond memories.

ellen abbott said...

we had a hassock when I was growing up. it was a round soft thing covered in moroccan leather with a design on the top. I loved it. I guess it wore out but I would love to have it today.

Ziongirl said...

Love to you my sweet friend. I miss you on FB but am very proud of you. I was reading Ellen's comment and I swear I have not heard the word hassock in over twenty years. Aren't memories a treasured blessing? ♥

janis said...

Ha Ha! Brooke~ I know, we are showing our age.
Ellen~ I really am thinking of recovering an old one.
Scott~ I love the memories old furniture gives me. The first item Sergio & I bought together was an antique rocker from a neighbors estate sale. She told me how happy she was that I got her old rocker. That she was rocked as a child and she rocked her children as well in it. She told me it's a great baby rocker & she was right. Both my girls were rocked in it often & I still love it.

Mimi Sue said...

So fun to still have that treasure in your family. Such wonderful memories. Love those early pictures of your family in the previous post. Your parents are an adorable couple. Mimi