Saturday, March 5, 2011

Antiquing With My Sis

Julie & Janis @ Claddagh Irish Pub
I had a splendid afternoon with my amazing sister, Julie. I called her this morning and very spur of the moment talked her into meeting me at a Antique Mall. I love her so much, she was very much up for it and ready to go.
We met at a big ole antique mall in Plainfield, Indiana. (Gilley's to you Hoosiers that care).

Oh how I love to wander down memory lane...especially with someone that I made so many memories with!

Julie and I enjoyed row after row of fun, old, and weird things.
We laughed, we chatted, it was just lovely.

Julie would find things she wanted, then changed her mind. I think she had 4 or 5 items through out hunt, but ended with just one. A divine red ceramic divide dish with a beautiful painting inside the bowls...yellow flowers I recall. It was a great find! I know she will use this and enjoy.

I found a real special heirloom that I had actually seen on another Bloggers page. I think it was one of my Utah friends and will go back to look. When she posted her find, I feel in love! Never had seen these and knew it was fabulous. My Blogger friend had much more detail. Mine is more simple.

Aren't they wonderful?Precious measuring spoons with the sweetest measurements. Can you read them?

A Pinch of Joy                1/4 teaspoon on back
A Dash of Tenderness    1/2 teaspoon on back
A Spoonful of Affection  1 teaspoon on back
A Heap of Love              1 tablespoon on back

I love them! And paid only $6.50 for them! So darn cute! And, yes, I will use them.

After all our searching we were hungry so we went over to Claddagh Irish Pub. Which I have always pronounced Claadack and Julie pronounced Clawdaw. We asked the waitress how to pronounce properly and she told us think of a Pina Colada... It's C'La dagh...Hmm Interesting. Julie was way closer. I like Claadack better & will probably continue to say it wrong. (I have been calling it this for twenty-some years!). I will try though.
Fabulous lunch! I had the Calm Chowder and Corned Beef Cabbage Rolls (oh yummy, yummy in my tummy!) topped with a white Zinfandel. Julie enjoyed the scrumptious Claddagh Catch sandwich and her first Martini ever! I suggested the Dirty Martini which she loved the olives but returned her Martini and settled for a fruity martini that was sweet instead of sour.

I love opportunities like this afternoon. We live an hour away from each other but try to get together more often. There was a time she lived three states west from Indiana, another when she was three states east of Indiana, and I missed her dearly. Once she lived withing a couple of miles when our kids were little and it was a joyful walk over for them to play & us to visit. We even lived side by side in a duplex as twenty-somethings.

I am very Blessed to have this Sister! Thanks Mom & Dad!


Anonymous said...

Very nice post. I know it was a typo, and I don't want to be 'that' guy, but I found great humor in the concept of 'Calm Chowder.' Mellows you right out...I wonder what's in it...

dopenbri said...

How lucky you are! I've only seen my sister a handful of times in 30 years. I really miss my sister, maybe you could fill in for her some time.
Your old friend Lee

janis said...

My Clam Chowder was Calming so maybe that is why I had the slip of the keys! :) lol
I actually saw another typo, but oh well. That's me!
Lee~ why don't you see your Sisters? Do they live far? I wanted to ask you about Debbie. When I found that Trendz photo of her, I had forgotten until then how beautiful she was.

Linda said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! :) I'm glad.

Jim and I used to love to go antiquing, it was one of our favorite things to do when we were first together and I just mentioned that recently to him that we should go again sometime.

I have three sisters, but only 2 of them are ones I'd love to spend the day with.

Scribe said...

I LOVE those spoons Janis!!!!

Tina said...

I love your spoons. I love how they say A Pinch of Joy, A Dash of Tenderness, A Spoonful of Affection
and A Heap of Love. Too cute! My little spoons just say Smidge, Pinch and Dash.
I have two brothers, and I doubt they'd go antiquing with me, but my momma and I go all the time!

Reality Jayne said...

sounds like a perfect semi- winter afternoon.
I tell you that Ice Castle thing rattled me today,

Anonymous said...

I have a friend in Plainfields, what a coincidence, especially with me over here in the UK.
I would have loved siblings, a big brother with handsome friends for me to choose from, a big sister for advice and laughs and shopping. Those spoons are so lovely too.

dopenbri said...

Janis, both of my sister moved to Calif. after I got married. They don't come back to Indiana much, I've been out their more than them coming back to Indiana. And my brother has been in Australia living for over 15 or more now. After I got marriage my family all moved to Calif. even my parents, been here in Indiana just working and raising my children. My husband's family is very small, not to many lefted.