Thursday, January 6, 2011

Really I am Fine

Please remember that my Blog is a wonderful way for me to express myself. All that I am willing to expose. I hold much to myself as I have to keep private some stuff (otherwise I would have to kill you all for knowing too much). That stuff I save for my Therapist (whom I am pretty sure is actually an Angel sent from God).
Anyway, I tried to warn you followers that my Blog has the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
Gotta have some ugly & bad with all that good.
It has come to my attention I worried a few friends with my last posting. puppet strings Let me assure any worriers, that I am fine.  I actually started that post several months ago. It's just been a stressful couple of weeks with a lot of things pulling me in different directions. I started thinking about that unfinished post and was able to finish it. 
My life in general is good. Perfect, no, not hardly. But basically I am learning to love the life I have been given.
In a perfect dream...
my daughters honor me,
my husband adores me,
my family is proud of me,
my job is fulfilling & rewarding,
my house is ultra clean,
I have time for activities I want to do,
etc etc etc... you get the picture.
Hence the word "DREAM".
That "ain't" my life.
My Hubby & daughters do love me...honor & adore are a bit strong.
My family (outside the immediate) I can never make someone feel something that they don't.
My job...what job? still unemployed.
My house..  HA HA, moving on,
Time for activities, I wish, however I am learning to make this more of a priority.
My life is perplexed. And I am learning to appreciate it.
Writing my feelings certainly help me to understand and deal with things. Your comments help me feel "normal", and even loved.  Certainly cared for.
The strings that are pulling me are not winning. These strings are frayed, and I will free myself eventually.


Linda said...

Glad to know you're fine. :o)

I love your blog,

Mark Pressley said...

I get that and understood your last post. Write on.

My Dr. at rehab told me I should journal my blog is as close as it gets.

ellen abbott said...

Well, of course you are. Never doubted it.

JC said...

Wasn't really worried about you. I know that life doesn't always go they way we want. I just readjust each morning to what I wake up to.

And, I went to 'talked' to someone many years ago when my children were very young and my life seemed out of control. Now, when that happens I remember what .. I'm ok. That it sometimes takes a moment or two and then I'm off down that daily path.

Hope you have a fun weekend,
JC ^,,^

JC said...

I really need a new keyboard .. sorry for all the miss spells ... more coffee and new fingers needed.

Fire Byrd said...

Hadn't caught either of these posts till now.
I have always used blogging as a dumping ground for my angst. It's the best release there is. I have learnt though that when I do write the bad stuff it clears the decks for me and worries everyone else! But the act of getting some of the bad stuff out there is sometimes more important than censoring my words for others.
So go for it I say!