Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where's My Hair Dryer?!

Nothing makes me crankier than to have something borrowed and not put back! My stuff is your stuff. I share well. BUT please put it back!

I have an old (maybe 15-20 years old) Vidal Sasson hairdryer. Big ugly thing, that I love. It works really good. My girls "discovered" it recently. After countless cooler dryers have burnt out. Again, I have no problem with sharing it, but, today I can't find it.

Of course, I washed my hair (finally after being yucky sick girl), and went to grab the hair dryer and it's gone! No where in my bathroom. I checked Annie's bathroom 1st, as that is where it is usually found. Not there. Nor her room, nor Emily's. It's not in the other bathroom. I rechecked all of above. Also other possibilities.

Mind you I have my hair in a towel and I am still learning this new styling so it is crucial to style as it dries. I can't find a fricking dryer in the house! Well, I did find Dakota's but it's a curly top (also 20 yrs old) and it is not for styling, more for fluffing. Anyway... WHERE'S MY HAIR DRYER!!!

I am wondering if Emily "borrowed" it for Florida. hmmm. I guess, it's more important for her to look good than me. Also, Annie will freak when she realizes it's gone. Unless, she has it in her bag or car. She did go to the gym. hmmm.

Well, I guess I am just gonna have to look "Crazy Hair Lady" for the rest of the week! I am not about to buy another. They just don't make them like they use too!


mary d said...

I feel your pain....everything seems to be fair game if it's mom's. I'm glad you're up and about.

Linda said...

Yep, my daughter is now at the age where she "borrows" things from my bathroom. But then again, I've been known to borrow a thing or two from her also. :-) At least, I always put things back though.

lakeviewer said...

You know that Christmas and birthdays are great times for you to hand them their own modern hairdryer. The worst part, worse than borrowing and not returning, is losing the item, as a sweater that you loved, gone one minute from your sight, now gone forever.

Lori ann said...

oh Janis do i feel your words!! there is NOTHING more frustrating for me, my girls are notorious, anything they like of mine. I don't understand it, they are getting better though...Lakeviewer is right, that is by far the worst part, the losing forever. Aggg!!

janis said...

HaHa! I am looking mighty ..weird with the hair today.
Oh well. It's good to know I am not alone.
Lakeviewer, I do often get the girls the more modern products that they must have, but somehow they always revert to mine. With Em off at BSU, she rarely brings anything home when she visits. She uses all of Annie & my stuff. Again I don't mind, in fact I find it flattering, as long as I can find it when they are done. Also, Linda, I too borrow from them! I am very careful to return Annie's stuff, she is more picky than Emily! Oh well, a part of being Mom <3

janis said...

Found it!!!
Sorry Emily for thinking you took it. Ms Annie had it under her gym clothes. Whew.. I was scared. Now to do something with my hair!

Anonymous said...

i didnt take the hair dryer! i dont even live there!!! lol -em