Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break Pt 1's Ending

Emily and her friends came back tan, tired, and taxed.

They arrived Saturday morning at 3:30am. Three left in their car to head to their own homes, and two stayed with Emily here at our home. I was so relieved that they made it home safely. Thank You God!

They seemed to have had a splendid vacation. Fun memories were made and living together in a tiny hotel room, they didn't kill each other and are still the best of friends.

Emily and the girls started back to Ball State around 5pm. Emily called me fifteen minutes later.
Em: MOM! I've been rear-ended! We are on the interstate{tears}
Me: Are you okay? Everyone okay?
Em: Taylor's mouth is bleeding, she was on her cell phone & hit it on impact. She is okay though. We got hit really hard by a van. Then another car hit them & we got hit again. I thought we would go through the windshield. Thank God we had our seat belts on!
Me: Stay right there, call 911, someone keep Isabell (her cat)contained, Dad will be right there.

I stayed at home waiting to hear from them.

Apparently, she was yielding the traffic as she merged onto the interstate and the Van driver, wasn't paying attention, and smoked Em. then a Car behind the Van, hit the Van. The police gathered information, said Emily was correct, and after giving her her paperwork sent her on her way. Her back bumper is pushed up, and hopefully no more serious damage. Even with this little bit, Sergio said it's at least $3-4,000. The Van was smashed front and back, doubtful if it was drivable. The pretty little Mustang's front end was hanging off.

Sergio sent them on to Muncie and we will retrieve the Tahoe Monday.

It could have been worse.

I am so thankful they are fine. Cars can be fixed. My baby's life, her friends, they are not replaceable.

Yeah, her Guardian Angels are working some overtime!

Thank God.


Lori ann said...

Yes, thank God. What a scare that must have been! terrifiying for the girls, and you. Sending biggest hugs to you all!
xx lori

lakeviewer said...

Goodness. They returned home only to be rearended. I'm glad the girls are o.k.

Now, Janis, you need Spring Break.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, how scary. I am so glad they are okay, love to all...Deb