Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break '09 ...part 2

The baby just landed in Fort Myers Florida for "Seniors Spring Break 2009".
This photo was taken one of their last mornings from last years "Junior trip". (Annie's in the navy blue top in the center). Some of these kids will be together again this year, while others choose to go to Panama City, and Cancun. Although, Annie's group has a small group of parents going to the same place, this year our little eighteen year olds are on their own. Annie is sharing a room with three other friends, in one of the only hotels that allow under 25 year olds. Her sister stayed here her senior year. Trust me, not family friendly. LOUD, several wildies, oh and it is LOUD! Several of Annie's friends will be here. In fact it is strange how they all want to be together. Get away from a small town to join all those small town friends in another city. hmmm.

Anyway, I just got the text that they landed the plane safely. These four kids are good kids, They all need this break. Two are top athletics that will most likely get promising scholarships to play in college. Annie is a promising journalist with scholarships on the line. And all four of them are honor roll students. They have good heads on their shoulders and should be able to stay out of trouble. We have drilled the rules into them and worry more about someone coming to their room with trouble than them getting into some. The parentla chaperone has a key and told them she is not afraid to use it.

I said that they are eighteen, We have had our opportunity to raise them the best we could and install good sound morals and common sense. Now it is up to them to prove to us what I already believe. I am not worried about Annie making a bad decision. I worry about the regular stuff. The freak that may run across them or something of that nature.

I just hope that Annie has a wonderful fun filled memory packed week. Beautiful weather every day. And belly laughs that make you snort!


Linda said...

Great photo! I hope they have a wonderful week!

I never went anywhere on Spring Breaks - none of my sisters and I did.

lakeviewer said...

Great photo. They'll have a warm and fun filled week. Don't you wish you could take off for warmer places?