Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Break '09 (part 1)

Well, my oldest Baby Girl (Ms Emily), has safely arrived at her destination in CrazyLand. She, and five friends loaded up the Tahoe and left this morning around 2:30am bound for Panama City Beach, Florida.

Emily, her two roommates Elle & Dana, her Little Sister (Chi-O) Taylor, AND Tony (a lifer from way back Junior high), and Taylor (guy Taylor, not to be mistaken for gal Taylor mentioned above) another cutie patuie college buddy.

Emily has been very fortunate to go to "Spring Break" alot over the years. Junior high, High School and now a second year in College. She has had a lot of fun... and a lot of drama over these trips. This year, she pretty much hand selected these friends to go with, stay with, and make memories with.

Last night when I got home from work at midnight, these six 20-21 year olds were hanging around the living room watching ET and playing...The Barbie board game! Patiently waiting for time to pass so they could get on the road. Cracked me up. I made a comment about the choice of movie and a board game, Taylor (the guy) said, "Yeah, we have gone back to 1994" Personal, I love that they were gathered around laughing and giddy. ET, Barbie, that is okay, anything that makes them have fun.

The kids are excited for some well deserved sun and fun. I reminded the two guys to take care of these four girls and to protect them. Then I added, maybe the girls could protect the guys. They are great friends. They will make great memories this week.

I pray for their safety. After all, they are at Crazyland (have you ever been there during Spring Break? Seriously!) I reminded them to stick together and don't forget the BUDDY SYSTEM at all times!


Linda said...

Hope they have a great time!!

I never experienced any Spring Break trips like that.

Though one Spring break, Jim planned a surprise trip for the three of us to Florida/Disney World and that was wonderful. Sarah's school district typically has Spring break much later than most - NOT until the first/second week of April - It's always alround Easter. :)

An English Shepherd said...
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An English Shepherd said...

(Opps did that wrong !)

Great film ET. People always shed a tear when watching it :-)

Ziongirl said...

I remember great spring breaks when I was at the University of Iowa. For $88.00 (in 1975) there was a bus full (about 50) of us that went to Ft. Lauderdale for a week. A whole week!!!!and for that price. It was the best time ever. If I could think of one bad thing that happened it would be "the sunburn". I will think of them and say a prayer for their safety.

Lisha said...

Oh yes, I have been to Panama City Beach many, many, many times. It is only 2 hours from me and it is definitely CRAZYLAND during Spring Break. Lots of fun, though. Absolutely, a trip she'll remember.