Saturday, March 21, 2009


Last evening, Emily came home from college. Annie stayed home and the girls hung out together. We could here them chatting, laughing, and even a tiny argument. It brought a huge grin on Sergio & myself. We love hearing the girls together. It is magic in the air.

It also brought me memories of my own sister and the closeness we shared. My daughters are 22 months apart. Julie and I are 24 months apart.

Through the years we had highs and lows as did my girls. I did my best to keep them close. They were never forced rather encouraged. I made sure that they had their own time with their own friends, however, they had to always show each other respect. My Mom did the same with Julie and I.

As the years pass. Jealous peeks it's nasty head in every now and then, but also an incredible protective love. Then like magic, the relationship matures and it is an incredible loving friendship plus. I love watching the girls today at eighteen and twenty. I remember when Julie and I were this age. I was at Vincennes University in southern Indiana. Julie was way out at Brigham Young University in Utah! No email, no texting, no cell phones. All we had was snail mail and rare long distance phone calls. Then came marriage and children which brings a whole new dimension to closeness.

In the Fall, Annie will join her sister in Muncie to attend Ball State University. I am overjoyed! They will have each other. They are there for each other. Good sisters, close sisters!


lakeviewer said...

How precious our memories are. YOu see younself and your sister in your own girls and their relationships. You'll miss them when they both leave home for college.

Anonymous said...

I look back over the years in my mind. You are a good mother, good sister, good wife, good daughter, good friend.
What a legacy you are making each step of the way.

Lori ann said...

Janis, I am late and just now catching up! I am so glad i read this, it brought tears to my eyes, in a good way. You and your sister, your daughters, so special and beautiful. I am lucky like you with my own sister and my 2 girls, there is nothing like sisters is there? We are so blessed. And you must be SO happy they will be together away from you. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jan! So now I'm anonymous since I can't remember my "identity".
I am sooo lucky to have you as my sister. We have so many precious memories and no one else knows what we went through, huh?
I, too, am lucky that Miles and Michelle will be at DePauw together. We always did do things alike. Can you believe we both got Pops the same BD card!? (Like we've done so many times before!).
Love Always,