Friday, March 13, 2009

Runway or Runaway?

New fashion catalog came in the mail the other day for Annie. This one is called "Free People".
Interesting. Creative. Weird.
I must be getting old.
This is the front cover. These holey cropped jeans ~$198, tank ~$58, boots ~$128. I don't know if those chains are a part of the boots or if it is some new kind of anklet?

This next picture with the overalls? These are actually "Levis". They retail for ~$595. They remind me of Left Eye, pop singer from the nineties. I can't think of her band's name.

Moving along to picture 3. The dress/top ~$118, tights ~$38, and the horse necklace ~$448.
Finally in picture 4, we have the Harlem pants ~98, halter ~$98. And the Metallic headband in silver,gold or black for only ~$18. This one reminds me of MC Hammer. I think I will order four of these so the next Besties weekend we can go out in style. Maybe if we get enough wine in us we might sing!

Am I getting old or are these just strange? I hope to not see these outfits on my daughters. I know I would stare.

In all fairness, I do find them creative and expressional. For a full look (the catalog has 44 pages) please go to


lakeviewer said...

Janis, you're bringing up great questions:

1. Is style and artistic expression worth the price?

2. Is new style alwayss something to want, to feel that we are still hip?

I have my answers. But, that's enough writing for now.

janis said...

I think it isworth the price for those willing to pay it. And as far as the want for style, my Annie is passionate about style & will wear what she likes regardless to what others think. She has always been a style breaker and a style maker at her school. I think some feel the need to know style to "feel" hip, but for others, like Annie, its just about "knowing" style. I am a little disappointed she decided not to pursue fashion, but I am thrilled with college choices. And she is hip ( :

Ziongirl said...

Thank goodness we are all different. Wouldn't the world be a boring place if we were all alike? "Free Agency"