Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photo of Youth

Ha Ha! I just found this photo from 1979. That is Kim, Janna, Elaine, Me, & Delphine. We were on a Student Council trip and just being silly. I think the funniest thing about the picture is my leg. It is freakishly longer than the others.

This particular weekend we were in Highland, Indiana. Although two of my Besties were not in the same Host house with me (Lynn was but she was always the photographer, I think to avoid photos), we still hung out together and had a ball. My Student Council was a weird little haven for me. I cherish these memories. I also would like to think that we made a little difference in some way. We all meshed well. We were a good blend, especially my Junior and Senior years.

Annie and Emily both enjoyed Student Council as well. I think that it is a wonderful experience to learn about government and getting the voices of students heard.

Mrs Aman, Room 220 and my fellow SC's I miss. I also am grateful for the memories!


Linda said...

How fun!! Love the photo :-) You have LONNNG legs, lol.

lakeviewer said...

Love that you are reminiscing about the time you were your daughter's age. What do they think/

Lori ann said...

How cute! you are the most darling girl, you should have been a model, not freaky, gorgeous! How wonderful it is to have these memories, and still have the pictures too.
xoxo ♥

skywind said...

Young is better. :)
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Natalie said...

Well excuse me, Mrs! I would LOVE to have those legs. :D

Vevay Anderson said...

I think we should start a fan club for your legs!

janis said...

Linda, Lori, Natalie, & Vevay, Thank you so much. At the time I was 16, weighed 94 pounds and tried to find size 1s with a 33" inseam! For years my pants were too short, until I discovered Victoria Secret's wonderful clothing lines!
Rosaria, My daughters love hearing stories of me & their Dad at their age!
Skywind, no way! Young is NOT better, I would not go back for anything! "OLD" isn't so bad, even with the bumps in the road!

Reya Mellicker said...

Great pic!

You're so lucky to have long legs. That's not freakish, it's fabulous!

The Family Julz said...

Beautiful... as a child of the seventies nothing fascinates me more than the photographs from the time. Love your blog!

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