Wednesday, March 11, 2009


If you go back a bit, you will run into a post titled Forever Friends. It was a posting about how I explained to my daughters about the forever friends.
The ones that will be with you forever, no matter if you drift in and out of each others lives.
Those are the wonderful loving forever friends.

If you read this post you will remember my childhood friend, Mary.

She is the one with the fabulous laugh.

I Meet Mary in about 2nd or 3rd grade. She has shared Camp Fire Girls, the Neighborhood, Grade School, Middle School and High School memories with me. This photo was at a birthday party and I believe she got me that owl. Those are Jeanette Ramsey's muscles (the tomboy), and Lisa Deer casually looking at the camera (oh am I in the shot?). This was taken June of 1972. When we were little, she would sing and make me listen (make is a strong word, I completely LOVED sitting in her room watching her sing. I was her number one fan). I can't hear Uncle Albert without smiling and thinking of her.

Over the years, we drifted here and there. Catching up at weddings, reunions, and funerals. Then we decided, WE HAD to make better attempts to get together.

And we have. We meet for lunch and now that Mary has joined this generation and has finally gotten Internet, we email fairly regularly. And she checks up on me with my blog.

Recently, I got a lovely card (pictured above) with a verse from Philippians 4:6
Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.
She had this verse taped above her computer, and now it is promptly placed above mine. As you all know I am on this computer too much, so, it constantly reminds me just that.

She just knows when to call, email or pray for me. I think her Jan radar goes off.
We are getting together for lunch next week. I can't wait! She is truly one of those wonderful people that make you happy to be around.

So Mary, thank you so much for being a forever friend. I know I talk to much and I promise to let you get a word in next Thursday. I love you Girl!


skywind said...

Everyone's lives and their hearts would encounter the same good friend. Let us cherish this feeling.
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Linda said...

Such a wonderful tribute to your dear friend. It will be such a great blessing getting together.

I have very few of these forever friends. When I think of my forever friends, I think of my sisters first and foremost.

Then there is Linda, whom I've known since I was in the 3rd grade - she was our neighbor and dear friend. And Nora, whom I've known since Sophomore year of High School.

But I don't see them - they live far away and while we keep in touch, it's not quite the same.

Reya Mellicker said...

LOVE the pic of Mary. Mighty Mary, oh yeah!

The verse is about to be taped on the top of my computer, too.

I love my forever friends. I have a friend I've known since grade seven who can still always make me laugh. What a treasure we are to each other.

mary d said...

You have made me cry...thank you for being so kind, I was afraid you'd bring up the Uncle Albert thing- you were true to your character...looking for the good in everything and everyone. xoxoxo

NOW- today as I was vacuuming I was thinking about your 30 something hair dryer and how we mothers/women in general- Put ourselves last to the needs of others almost to a fault of negelect to ourselves.
I remembered how you found a treasure during your "Besties" weekend and would not buy it for yourself. God bless Lynn for getting it for you.

So- to everyone out there- those of you who think Jan should spend $30 on herself this month for no good reason other than she likes it- not deserve it (though she does, she does things for undeserving people often)- Those of you who think she should treat herself- say "Aye"
Jan if no one else responds...I think you should go out and by a lock box for your hair dryer to find out who the "borrower" is and a treat...$30 for each year you have had that blow dryer.
looking forward to lunch

Mark said...