Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Job Interview

Today I have a job interview.

I am so nervous. How many others are interviewing for this same position? How will I stand out? Will I say the right things, make the right impressions? Will they look past the fact that I did not complete college? Will they look past the fact that I have had dozens of jobs in the past? Will I start shaking?

I really just want to say, "Look, I need this job. I will do it justice and then some. I am competent and perfect for this job. I will come in give you 110% and be efficient. I will not disappoint you.
Pick Me, Pick Me damn it!"

What do you think?

I know, I know, can't say that. I just need to go in, shine, be confident and charm them. Make them feel I would be a great asset and make them hope that I will agree to the job!

Ha Ha Ha!

Wish me luck, and say a prayer.


Ziongirl said...

Oh Janis........I am so excited for you......I will say a little prayer for you....Good Luck..........

Natalie said...

You go girl!xx♥

janis said...

Thank you Ladies!
It went well, I think... Sounds promising although it is just supplementary, meaning I am "contracted" for 90-120 days, but am told I should have continual work following. Then I can become permenent if I work out well. I am nervous, but then again, it's tough out there right now finding employment! I just want to be able to send the girls to school without worry about where the money is going to come from!
I will keep you posted! Thanks for the encouragement.