Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I like eggs...

Remember the Amanda Bynes Variety Show on Nickelodeon? Back maybe 5 years ago. As a mother, I watched alot of what my girls did. I must admit, I am kindof a big kid at heart and do like children's shows. This particular one was done well. It reminded me much of The Carol Burnett Show back in the seventies. Amamnda had cute little silly skits. One of the strangest was a group of middle school girls that met regularly and chatted about stuff. One strange character, said little except, "I like eggs". It cracked me up. I like eggs too.

I have some favorite Bloggers that share wonderful recipes. Pam & Linda give the best. Pam's pictures make me want to fly over and taste test them all. She must be a fabulous cook. Linda always have the most tasty recipes that are begging me to try. I get so motivate, but have yet to give them a try. Partly lazy, partly my kitchen is sad for cooking layout and organization. I just need to do it!

Anyway, I mostly cook easy stuff. I cook alot of eggs. Mostly for myself. The family likes them but not for lunch when I like to cook them (: This strange looking concoction is a favorite. Eggs, milk, salami, provolone and american cheese, and olives. A ton of salt and ground pepper.

I know I am strange. It was my little boost for before the "interview".


lakeviewer said...

Sorry to hear about your insurance woes. Yes, everyone is looking out for their own interests. Do have your daughter examined properly. My eldest had an accident, which he settled right quickly because he didn't have time, that is probably the cause of major problems he's been having. Nobody wants to talk to ambulance chasers, but, then, who is going to pay for injuries that show up later?

skywind said...

Oh, the eggs are very rich in nutrition. :)
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Linda said...

I love eggs also!! :-) We don't have them very often, but I enjoy them with cheese and sausages, yum.

I don't remember the variety show mentioned, but probably because Sarah was at a different stage then and we were watching other things. :)

Thanks for the compliment regarding the recipes! I do love to try new things and I love to cook.

sroman said...

When the baby was little, he would swear off certain foods, ie eggs, cheese, etc. I would promptly make him an omelette with all of those ingredients and he would devour the entire thing.