Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Day For Me

My husband, Sergio, went to Detroit yesterday morning. He use to travel alot, but lately he will try to make it back home to sleep in his own bed. I love him, I love our marriage. BUT I also kindof like the day offs a little. I get so much accomplished and get to do what I want. Sing a little Areosmith as loud as I want, watch Dancing with the Stars & John & Kate plus Eight. You know, do my own thing. Much I want to get accomplished in this little thirty-six hour window.

Yesterday, I started with going downtown for fingerprinting and signing papers to allow a background check (so if you background checkers are reading this..hello!). I am really wanting this job and I am another phase in getting closer to getting the job.

I love downtown. Working there again would be very nice. It has been years since working downtown and I think I would enjoy it (except for the parking and traffic).

I also listed a house. I know, you all thought I retired from the Real Estate biz, but occasionally I will get my feet wet with it. This is a friends home and so there I was writing the contracts, taking photos and sticking the signs in the ground. One of the things I had forgotten about with the business was what a pain directional signs are. I parked at a church, and walked through the mud to get to the corner of an intersection to place my little directional sign. Then it happened. A van with some hillbillies guys, whistled & told me, "Now, don't you fall in the mud Sweetie!". Okay, thanks. I am kindof flattered that they whistled and acknowledged me, but also grossed out. This listing took a good chunk of the afternoon.

Then off to the bank, take care of Sergio's little speeding ticket (what a good wife I am to deal with this little time consuming shit). And then back home to tie up some loose ends. But, I got caught in a couple of phone calls, that is okay. My fault and I loved to chat.

I ran out to meet with a Bestie, Ms Sheri. We tried to do a little shopping but two of the three shops we went to see have closed. Boo hoo. I wanted to take her to Steve & Barry's. They carry the Sarah Jessica Parker line and it is so inexpensive! Nothing over $20 dollars! Remember, job searching, lack of clothes that fit, etc. I can't go to an interview with a camel toe! I just need a couple of versatile pieces that can take me through a week.

We ended up going to a little place called "Bubbaz" for dinner. Finding a place that allows smoking is getting harder now a days and Sheri needs to have a smoke (she really does, that is okay!) Anyway, I was a little scared of this place. After we found a booth we realized the place was a gambling hall of some kind. I wondered if it was legal. They were gambling with chips not money so maybe for fun? Just what I need. The place to get busted. Explain that to the background checkers! "Really I just wanted a Tenderloin & glass of wine!"

After we left I got home in time to enjoy "Dancing with the Stars". I am so addicted. My favorite is Melissa from the Bachelor. Also Gilles is amazing to watch! I love Holly Maddison, although I fear her lack of confidence has put her back on the chopping block. Lil' Kim impressed the socks off me last night. I love to see big transformations. I want to see the double elimination this evening but will miss it because I agreed to work. I will have to pull it up on line tonight when I get off ) =

I ended the evening watching "John & Kate Plus Eight" and I am reading, Jodi Picoult's, "Handle With Care". great book and I am excited to be reading a real book again! Thanks Sheri!

I slept like a rock. Nearly 9 hours! (Sorry Natalie, I feel guilty). Lately I am sleeping like that. It's weird, I never use to sleep.

Well, it is nearly 11:30am and I have a shitload to do (sorry for the swear words I am a bit of a Sailor today!). There are errands to run, a house to clean, and I haven't gotten anything done. Sergio will be home soon & will think I spent all my time on the computer...HaHa

Sorry this posting was kindof boring. I guess it's good to be boring sometimes. Less drama!

Have a lovely day my friends!


Natalie said...

Glad you got some sleep, Jan! Makes all the difference doesn't it?xx

Vevay Anderson said...

Oooh! I love days where I can do what I want and not worry about anyone else!

When do we find out about the job? Huh? Huh? I wanna know!

janis said...

Yes Nat~ I love getting to sleep but I actually feel more tired through the day when I sleep that much.
Vevay~ It is a government position so the background check could take a couple of weeks. Im hoping that's all and they will let me know by Easter. I have some other irons in the fire too. So I guess I will just see what comes my way first.
It's a brutal job searching world today!