Monday, March 16, 2009

Dandelion Farming

As I sit here this morning, I have a gentle spring breeze flowing through the window. The birds are chirping and I hear Spring begging to come early. The groundhog tells us 6 more weeks of Winter, but the birds are singing Spring is here!

Last night, Annie told me she need around 50 photos scanned to her memory stick for a school project. A calendar to be made (a gift for me). She apologized for the late notice, she forgot about it. But now, at 9:30 pm, can I pick 4 photos for each month of herself & sister to go into a calendar? Sure.... pick just 4 for each month? hmmm. I am up for the challenage! And so I started flipping through memory lane and photo albums.

This photo is of my girls back in late spring of 1992 (Emily is 3, Annie is 20 months). They are diligently trying to blow the dandelions apart. The tiny seeds with their downy tufts, so delicate and sweet.

I know, it is a weed. But what a lovely weed! Tell me a mother that didn't have a heart full of joy when their little one ran to them with a bouquet of dandelions. The fluffy seeded or bright yellow petals, it did not matter. I always had a vase full of them in the spring and summers.

I haven't seen any dandelions yet, but I am sure they will come in due time. I will miss getting the bouquets though.


lakeviewer said...

Precious moments! How will we manage when all our pictures are digital and stashed in some virtual album in the sky? How do we shuffle those moments and relive them upclose and personal? I miss the old albums, the old letters, the old scribbles on a paper napkin.

Thanks for the memories.

janis said...

Oh my dear Rosaria! I keep my photo albums. My daughters drawings. I have two old drawings framed in the kitchen! I could never be satisfied with digital only. I get teased that I still use "film" cameras! I like having hard copies ( :

Anonymous said...

I miss those days with my kids, the objective of many days was to just play in the yard and enjoy life. We still take time for a few of those but not near enough..Deb

Lori ann said...

Janis, such a sweet post, i love it. And i'm like you, i take mostly film and have dozens of albums and photos. With the digital, i print out what i want to keep for sure, i'm very skeptical of the virtual world.
What a fun task your daughter asked you to help with, and what a darling Mom you are to help her so happily!
xxx lori

Natalie said...

Oh, what a precious photo of your beautiful girls. My guys all still love Dandelions - as do I.xx