Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Charming Bracelets

I wear these two bracelets just about every day. They are Breast Cancer Bracelets from Brighton. I adore them. I love the words of virtue. They give me hope, strength, courage, love, faith, and healing. They reminded me to pray for others, particularly those with cancer.

Originally I bought the first one because I love Brighton and I want to be proactive with Breast Cancer Awareness. I liked it so much I bought two more. One for my Sister, Julie and one for my Mom.

The following year, I bought the second one. I also bought an extra although I did not know why. Later that year, I joined a Bible Study with women from our little town. One of the women found out rather quickly that she had breast cancer and began a courageous battle. One day as I was delivering a family meal to her family. I gave her the bracelet. We were not close friends, and she was surprised. I told her that I will continue to pray for her and her dear family. That I knew that she had a strong faith, but I wanted to give her this, just for her, to remind her to have strength, courage, hope and faith. It was a small gesture that she appreciated and I finally understood why I had to buy that second bracelet. For years later, we will run into each other and she will smile and hold up her wrist, showing me she still wears it every day. I return my wrist up to her to remind her I still pray for her. Our little weird thing we do. She is doing great by the way.

As a little girl, I was fascinated with charm bracelets. I finally got a charm bracelet, but never a charm to put on it. Sadly they kindof went out of style and hard to find for many years.

Now they are back. I see them in many stores. A favorite I have spied is the Trol Bead Bracelets. Really cool, and really costly as you add the beads and the charms.
I gave my girls Disney Charm Bracelets. Annie loved hers. She wore a little 101 Dalmatians bracelet till the puppies all fell off.

I notice that both my daughters still wear bracelets. It must be a family thing. Emily prefers the string ones that will have a charm (I think hers says Faith). Also she wears a bracelet I got her that says "Live the Life You Love" on the outside & "Love the Life You Live" on the inside. Annie is more modern girl trading her 101 Dalmatians bracelet in with a Ed Hardy bracelet and a Peace sign bracelet.

Long live the bracelet! They will always be charming to me!


Fire Byrd said...

I wear three gold bangles and a very old gold chain round my left wrist. I never take them off.In fact the only time I did I gave them to my sister to wear when I had my breast cancer operations. And as soon as I was conscious enough she put them back on my arm
Two of the bangles were given to me by my mother, and the third was one I inherited from her when she died so many years ago.
I also had a gold charm bracelet that I collected many charms for over the years and I gave that to my beautiful niece on her 21st birthday. I have two sons.

lakeviewer said...

I taught a university memoir class using charm bracelets as prompts. They are useful reminders of how our values changed through the years.

Ziongirl said...

Janis, You are such a sweet spirit. I still have my charm bracelet from the 70's and actually pull it out once a year and wear it to work on Halloween.

The book on tombstone inscriptions and symbols that is one of my favorites is "Your Guide to Cemetery Research" by Sharon Debartolo Carmack. Your local library will probably have it.