Friday, March 13, 2009

Black Vinyl Gold!

Look what I found! A box full of my old 45's! Oh how I wish I could play them. The memories of sitting around the record player singing my heart out!

Oh, the heartbreaks, the lonely me, the jam sessions with my little friends!

The records I found crack me up. Do you remember:
Cher: Loving in a House Divided
Three Dog Night: Black & White
Alice Cooper: No More Mr Nice Guy
Johnny Rivers: Rockin' Pneumonia~Boogie Woogie Flu
Elton John: Daniel
Carly Simon & James Taylor: Mockingbird
The Osmonds: Yo-Yo
The Grass Roots: Two Divided By Love
America: A Horse with No Name
Bread: Diary
Gilbert Sullivan: Get Down
sigh... that is just to name a few!

Seriously, don't today's kids have it easy? They just pick songs and download, then take with them where ever they go! They don't have to play scratchy skipping 45's and albums. But, I wouldn't trade those days with my little friends & our old record players.

Are you old enough to remember gathering your favorites, making sure your name was on them before heading to slumber parties? Remember buying them as gifts for those slumber parties?

I have always loved music. Even my goofy old 45's!


An English Shepherd said...

Elton John's Daniel is a lovely song :-)

lakeviewer said...

Ah, music, we can fall in love, we can cry our hearts out, we can suffer in silence, with the radio playing on the strings of our heart.
I hope you have Simon and Garfunkel, Barbra Strisand. And if you haven't listened to my daughter, and you are interested, I can drop the name of her group.

Ziongirl said...

Yeah!!!!!45's and "My Youth"!!!
I love your find.......Yes, those were great times full of great memories. Thanks

Linda said...

I LOVE this one!!

Yes, I still have a bunch of my old 45's and I can play them because we have a turntable.

Mine, however are ALL children's pre-school songs. I never listened to modern music as I am the oldest without any influence other than from my parents, born in 1964, so all that I was listening to then were my children's records such as "In the Little Red Schoolhouse", "School Days", various Disney ones with stories such as the "Ugly Duckling" and some Christmas ones like "Suzy Snowflake". :-)

Fire Byrd said...

Still have my box of 45s under the stairs, they are just older than yours!