Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Afternoon with Pops

My afternoon with Julie, and our Pops was a great venture out. He is funny, and getting a chance to visit with him without Mom is always interesting. He has a lot to say, not not much opportunity to say it.

"Medea Goes To Jail". I can't really say it was interesting, however it was entertaining! And that is what we were looking for. Hearing my father laugh is a great joy. Julie & I had some laughs as well. I wish I could remember the one-liners. Tyler Perry is one funny actor.

We went to a little old diner on US-40 after the show. It has been there since 1957, and my father wanted to go. Great food in these little diners. Also it is strange to eat where smoking is allowed. rarely do you find a smoking establishment except for bars or tavern. Not that any of us smoke, we don't. it just was odd to be in a smoking diner.

So, a movie and lunch with my sister & father was a success!

We had a lovely visit, some laughs, and I need to make time for more memories like this.


Lori ann said...

How lovely for you all Janis. I'm so glad you had this time together.I hope you didn't have to breathe the smoke. That photo is frame worthy!
xx lori

Natalie said...

Good on you girls! Sounds like Pops had a grand day out.xx