Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update on LEEP Surgery

Okay, boring to some, but this is the best way to update about the LEEP surgery I had instead of making a bunch of calls.

The Good News is they feel they "got it all". The abnormal cells were at a high grade so it is very fortunate that they were able to go in and take the tissue out.

I am to now wait till March to have another pap then a recheck in May to see if my cervix has been able to grow normal healthy tissue back or if it's back a third time. Then, if they are back we will have to rethink some alternative treatment options (no brainer to me.. BYE BYE cervix! Thanks for all you have done for me but time to move on!)

I hate this wait. Am I growing healthy cells or cancerous cells? Will I continue to be a nervous Nelly wondering and anticipating each visit to the Doctor?

My cervix is recovering. Unfortunately my mensuration cycle came a day after the surgery that has caused additional discomfort and I am iron deficient again. I have Iron supplements but notice the expiration date is 1/03. Are they useless or just not as strong? They still smell strong.

The Bad News is a am being a baby. I hate this! I think I could handle knowing that we are on to the next step and having a hysterectomy. Than to continue this uncertainty. Okay, Maybe not. Who wants to have a major surgery and be out of commission. So forget that.

I just want to be healthy!


Anonymous said...


Linda said...

I hope you have good results!

Lisha said...

I'll pray for good results!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear so far so good.

Since I sell Gardasil-- I hear these stories everyday.

Just think of the millions of women that do not stay on top of thier pap's-- this is why there is over 3000 deaths per year from cervical cancer.

If you get your annual check-up's this never need happen.

Be proud you stayed on top of your healthcare.

See you soon,


janis said...

Thank you to all. Rich is right. I have so many friends that put themselves off on the yearly because they get busy or well it's yucky!
Prevention is the best medicine! I am grateful for the paps.