Sunday, January 25, 2009

UGH!! The Tasmanian Devil Strikes!

Looks can be deceiving! This cute little Pomeranian may look like a sweetheart, but he is really a Tasmanian Devil!

He is our little guy we rescued from a Puppy mill and discipline with him is not as easy as with a "normal" dog. He has deep scars and it has taken us a year, just to get him to look at us. He is a very nervous little guy. Skittish is putting it mildly. You can not punish puppy mill dogs, it will destroy months of hard work restoring trust with them.

This is what I just caught him doing! He has NEVER eaten the furniture! Yet this is the second time in that last two days he has chewed a hole in the couch! He has been so good for the year we have had him (except for his "accidents, and love for under garments that he can reach in laundry baskets). The other dogs have never done anything like this. I really don't want to start crating him again. He loves being with Riley and Bandit free to roam. He sleeps with us. Happy 24/7 and this behavior is new and upsetting. He has the best chew toys and bones. I don't know what has gotten into him.

Stinker... but I still love him dearly.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he is having adjustment issues with the new house, dogs hate change. Or maybe he is feeling your anxiety? Dogs are perceptive creatures. Or, maybe he just decided it tasted good..Deb.

sroman said...

Oh well. All of us with animals know there will be some destruction. The point is to keep it to a minimum. When we moved, my dog ate the remote control.

Natalie said...

Ha! I have children like this! xx :D