Sunday, January 18, 2009


I forgot to get the mail yesterday and ran out at 11:00pm to get it. Surprise for Me! A package! And from one of my favorite Blog Buddy Pam! (ScottysPlace).

She sent me "A Slob in the Kitchen", by Karen Duffy!

I thought she was just kidding when she offered a give-away on her blog. Lucky me! She wasn't. (:

Ironically, I was just thinking of how much I needed a good inspiration to start cooking. Yesterday, I decided to bake cookies. I thought I had all I needed, but ended up improvising. I made Oatmeal raisin cookies. How hard can that be? well, trust me, harder than I thought.
First, I used Almond Extract instead of Vanilla. My Vanilla looked icky. Smelled weird too. So I am thinking, Almond may be tasty. Gave it a good little taste. The problem I ran into though, was when I discovered I was out of baking soda. I tried to remember what baking soda actually did. What was it my Home Economic teacher said? hmmm.. oh well, it only asked for a tiny amount so maybe it will be fine.
whoops. The baking soda is necessary.

I am thinking that is what keeps them from becoming ROCK HARD after they cool. They were tasty out of the oven, however the longer they sat the worst they became. (We ate them anyway, even Riley the dog had trouble with this rock hard cookie!)
This book A Slob in the Kitchen looks like the perfect cookbook for me. It has cool little monkey guides letting me know how had the recipe is. Also, I love the way Ms Duffy writes, she speaks my language: I like to laugh while cooking and not because I am messing up, but because something funny is said.

I can not wait to start this! There is this wonderful section in the back to get me ready. Everything from what staples I need to have in my pantry, glossary, equivalents, and produce notes.

Thank you Pam! I am sooooo excited. Maybe I can find something to send you. hmmmm. Let me think.


lakeviewer said...

Thanks for becoming one of my followers. Where do I sign up to become one of yours?

I notice that cooking/baking doesn't appeal much to you. One of my best friends reminds me that we are not born cooking. In my case, my Italian upbringing was so simple and conneced to food preparation that I can cook without recipes as long as the food is Italian. Anything else, give me Julia Child.

By the way, my very fist CD I bought was Norah Jones. Her voice is similar to my daughter's who is a singer/songwriter. And since you like goo music, I will leave her website:


janis said...

Thank you so much! Your daughters voice is heavenly!
I highly recomend all my blog friends to check her out. The Comforters have a great soulful sound.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny-- this reminds me of something we would have done back in our high school days-- suprised you did not try worsteshire sauce instead.

Have fun eating those concrete cookies.

Take care,


lakeviewer said...

Thanks for checking out The Comforters. I get the pleasure of hearing them live whenever they have a gig nearby. But then, those are the joys of motherhood.

Keep on cooking/baking. It can give us humility and pride at the same time. And appreciation for all those people who cook for a living.

sroman said...

I cannot believe you did not call me. Well ... at least you didn't hide your culinary disaster which is something you would've done years ago.

janis said...

Rich~ Worchester sauce? nah.. maybe salt!
Sher~ I bug you way too much about everything! Although, you would have been helpful with this too.