Saturday, January 31, 2009

One More Post About the Snow!

I know, I know, I have already posted about the snow. More than once this week. But, you have to understand, we, Hoosiers, and many other Snow Country People, love our snow. We complain about the driving in it, and the problems that can come with it, however, if you ever grew up in snowy weather, you get it.

There is truly something magical about it. It glistens, it sparkles and it is just so darn pretty! The sun shines on it and it stays brighter through the day. In the morning, and especially at night. It can be so therapeutic to just watch it. Also watching the children play in it. Instead of cleaning the house, (as I should be doing), I have been mesmerized watching two boys around 12 years old working feverish on a snow ramp for their bikes. While other boys their age across the nation are playing Wii, they choose to fight the cold and use creativity and build this incredible adventure.

I also want to show you the difference between "Dog/Kid yards" and "No Dogs/Kids yards". One of these yards is my neighbors and the other is mine! Taken from the same window facing different angles. Need I say more? At least I can look at the pretty yard!


lakeviewer said...

Yes, snow is magical. Look at the happy dogs in that happy yard. You forgot to add that snow muffles noise and cleans the air.

Anonymous said...

If snow is so magical why won’t it disappear? Sorry Jan I hate it: cold, it takes hours to dig out of my home, my bones hurt, the dogs are a pain, the garage looks like a mud bowl, the girls are all covered up, and I want to wear shorts!

The big argument at our house is when and where we are retiring to Nancy wants the beach, I want the desert.

I do remember Pleasant Run Golf sledding well though, and it was huge fun! We tried to make it all the way and cross the bridge on our sleds. Anyone remember bumper skiing?

Give me 110 degrees

janis said...

HaHa! Yes, I remember trying to get across that bridge too!
As far as Bumper Skiing... My Dad was the King of Driving the Bumper Skiers. He had a Karmen Gia (perfect bumpers for this), he would stop, let the boys load up, then take off. He'd zig-zag about w/ boys flying off, then plow through a snow bank to throw the rest off. Amazing no one was killed!
Mark~ How could you hate this wonderful snow ( =

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think Duck Pin Bowling is out but would still like to do a get together with all.