Monday, January 12, 2009

My Little Bandit Boy

My little Bandit has been having some tremors lately. He is about two years old and he didn't start these till about a month back. They are slight seizure type jerking of his head. Just his head. He seems to be in no pain, just seems to confuse or scare him. We have noticed it three times. Each episode is brief, no more than 30 minutes total. He will tremor for a few seconds, be fine for a few minutes then start another "tremor". He lays or sits still during them, them licks his chops afterwards.

Today, he did it again and I goggled (don't you love google) head shaking tremors, etc. I got so much information! The good news is it looks like it is a condition that is common and can be treated. The bad news, looks like he is going to require meds. At least it looks like a simple fix. Some of the "problems" were severe and required MRIs and surgeries. We will be visiting Dr H. soon.

Bandit's favorite spot in the house is in the corner of this "L" Shape couch. (Trust me friends, you don't want to sit here! The dog hair is hard to get off and he always moves the blanket off). Anyway, especially since we had our little burglar attempt, he sits guard here. This is Dakota with him in 1700 hour watch! Bandit is pooped after a mile walk with sergio & I.

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