Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Magical Earrings

I do not know what is it about these earrings that make me so fond of them. I bought them about 5 years ago on a Girls Weekend trip with my Besties. I got them at "Harold's". They were my stepping it up a notch earrings. I am usually a simple post style gal. I had not been comfortable with dangles. But these were pretty, not too much pizazz and I wanted to get something to mark this wonderful time out with my girlfriends.

I fell in love with them. I thought of my girlfriends every time I wore them. I loved wearing them with a black sweater turtle neck with my hair up. They make me feel stylish.

Now for the problem with these earrings. I have lost them... often.

I lost them for a year once. Then excitedly found them in luggage one day.

Then I lost them again this year. Twice.

First, I sadly gave up. Thinking that I must have lost them in the move. One day, my Friend mentioned her daughter found these pretty but too grown up earrings in some items we gave them. They were in a small evening bag's side pocket. I graciously accepted them back.

Finally, at a Thanksgiving time breakfast with friends one morning, Lynn mentioned I was only wearing one earring. Dang it! I thought for sure I lost the other somewhere between home and the restaurant. I searched for weeks, then again, gave up. But, I refused to throw the single earring away. It was full of memories. It sat in my car lonesome for the mate. Then I ran across the mate in the carpet! When I think about how many times the vacuum ran across the hall where it laid! Was it there the whole time? Or did a cat or dog find it then spit it out there when it brought them no pleasure? ah, but wait, there is more. The one in my car vanished. What the heck? When Emily came home from school for Christmas, I reached in her cup holder to pull some change out and viola! My earring! She didn't even know I was looking for it! I must have been driving Emily's car the morning I meet my friends.

So they are together again.

I will continue to wear them, but hopefully stop losing them. They hold even more value to me now that I have gone through so much to keep them!


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