Monday, January 12, 2009

Life Quotes

This was written by Robert Browning.

I have this in our room. Actually, it is in the master bathroom above the sink mirror where Sergio & I can see it every morning when we wake up, and every evening before going to bed.

Don't you love what this says? I think about it often. I look forward to growing old together with Sergio.

God has Blessed me.

Twenty-two years and growing strong.


Linda said...

I love this quote and Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning have special meaning to Jim and I. We shared their poetry when we were getting to know each other online and we have a book of their beautiful poems to each other.

This quote was used with our wedding invite for our backyard garden wedding and I have a pillow with the quote on it as well.

Love it.

Lori ann said...

yes, it's beautiful and i love it that you have it hanging where you can see it everyday.
xxx lori