Wednesday, January 7, 2009

If you use your daughter's computer, don't forget to log out :)

I'm laying in my bed with my kitty watching family guy, and stalking my friends on facebook till it bores me, && then I decide to look at my mothers blog to see if it is any more entertaining. Yes this isn't Jan, my mom, it's her lovely daughter. I don't think she will be mad that I am posting this, but she didn't sign out of her blog account, so I thought I leave a post.

I've been home from college for break for almost three weeks now && I feel so useless at our new home. I normally go to Florida for a week during break, but not this year. I was worried I lose my mind being home fore three weeks. I don't like sitting around all day with nothing to do. I'm ready to start school again so I will be more productive with my time. But now that my break is ending, I am kinda sad to have to go back to being a grown up; going to school. && having to face that Comcast bill thats awaiting me when I get back. I have really enjoyed spending time with my family though. My little sister is a busy bee, always with friends, the boyfriend, or working, so I have been spending time with my mom && dad a lot. It has been surprising nice. We have gone out to eat a few times && I find myself sharing many stories. I even told them about a gossip site for colleges, it's were college kids can write anything they want about anyone, or anything. I've made a few post. Some I feel cool about like hottest girls on campus, yet my friend && I made a post about myself as a joke. It said emily=b*tch, it was our way of saying this is stupid no one reads this lame site, apparently we were wrong. It turned out to have like 40 post about what others thought about me. Some were rude and gross, and some were others saying how great of a person I am. Later that night after dinner, I ended up sharing it with my mom. We laughed at all the comments people left about me, the good && the bad.

It's nice that even though my mom is a wonderful mother, who is guiding me through my years, and still giving me advice, I am really glad that we have started to become really good friends. As I have gotten older it's nice to know that I have her to go to and talk about anything and she is so understanding. The "come home if there is drinking" has turned into "if you drink, drink a glass of water between drinks". I am so very lucky to have an amazing mother to look up to. She has been kinda down lately with all the stress and the world falling apart, but she still seems to cheer me up. I don't think I could ask for a better mother. I'll never forget all the kick ass birthday parties she threw me. She would go ALL out. From making my friends && I all crowns, buying themed birthday sets, it was so much fun. I really thought I was a princess. My parents spoiled me, && they still do to an extent. I don't know what I would do with out her. I could go on and on, && I can see I am starting to babble... mother like daughter. :) i love you momma! <3


janis said...

I am blown away!
She made me cry.
Emily has turned out rather nicely I must say.
World, meet my 20 year old daughter, Emily (:

kim said...

She made me cry!! I love this are a women to be proud of...knowing that I have boys...I will never have these kind of words coming back to me, but...I do hope they think them! Love you!

sroman said...

Wow Emily! Add me to the crying section. And Jan, reread this any time you need a boost in your mood. What a tribute to you.

Linda said...

What a wonderful daughter and a wonderful tribute indeed!

To think, my 13-year-old has no interest in even reading my blog. I hope though when she's grown, she will.

What a blessing.