Saturday, January 17, 2009

forever friends

I was searching for photos of recitals to go with the earlier blog (obviously never found them). Instead I found a box stuffed with letters from my Besties and others written in the late '70's and early 80's.

Some were from school, written during boring classes. Some while I spent summers in Texas. Finally, the college ones. I have been laughing for an hour. We wrote about the stupidest stuff. I love it! I love that I kept them.

The majority of them are written from Sheri. She loved to write and did so often. Deb & I always got more from her than we gave to her. It was and is her passion.

We wrote silly little messages and drawings at the end and on the envelopes. We also wrote the corniest stuff about our one true love (for that week anyway). We wrote of our hopes and dreams. We wrote to encourage and to protect each other.

I am so Blessed! We still have those strong bonds, but now they are sealed in a stronger force that only comes from 30 plus years of friendship. Today I talked to both Sher & Deb. We try to talk, text or email at least daily. We pray for each other. We will always be there for each other. I know they are there ready to sing the Ant Song or be there for me regardless to if I needed to share a laugh or a tear.

My friend is someone who takes me for who I am.
~Henry David Thoureu

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sroman said...

Could I change my handwriting any more often? I am so glad you have these notes. Remember when we sat at Deb's and read through them for hours? I cannot believe I allowed my mother to throw mine out during one of my cleaning frenzies. I would love to still have them. But better yet, I still have you and Deb. Must go sing the Ant song.