Friday, January 2, 2009

Disturbing My Peace

On Christmas evening, my husband shared something with me that he did not want to tell me. He loves me dearly and tries to protect me from unnecessary worry. This was something I needed to know and he decided he must let me in on it.

A couple of days prior to Christmas, someone tried to break into our home. Not earth shattering news, but enough to shake us up. To my knowledge, this is the first time this has happened to us, in our 22 years together.

I felt something was up. The dogs are especially jumpy and barked excessively since the 23rd. The slightest movement outside now rouse them. Particularly when someone bundled up in jacket, hat & gloves walked by. Bandit sits vigil on the couch propped up watching at the window 24/7 now.

Sergio showed me the marks on our front door. It looks as though someone pried the door open with a crowbar or something. Now the door pops open if not shut tight.

We suspect, that someone did this quietly during the day while we were out. Once the door opened it must have alerted the dogs and they scared off the intruder. Remember Riley is 105 pound Blue Tick Coon Hound and Bandit is a 60 pound Shepard mix with a snarl lip. (Quick scary when he wants!). Then Mr Dakota may only be a 10 pounder Pomeranian, but quite the ankle biter if he wants. Please that sharp piercing bark could make anyone run! Nothing was taken. And fortunately, my Dogs did not get hurt.

I truly believe they are the best security anyone could have. It is said that most Intruders will flee when a dog is in the house. It is too much of a hassle to deal with them.

I feel a piece of my sense of safety has been stolen. I don't blame the neighborhood. This can happen anywhere. A dear friend of ours lost all their electronics, Christmas presents and video games the week before Christmas. Our old neighborhood had several break ins through the years we lived there. We were just never hit. Again, we have always had dogs.

It is just another reminder that we must be careful. Also, good to have dogs.


Lori ann said...

Hello Janis! it is so nice to "meet" you! i am so sorry to read about the break-in, we have just had a similar circumstance and i so understand your feelings. We should talk more about this, i am struggling with feelings also!
I wanted to say welcome to my blog and thankyou for following! this is still such a different thing for me,blogging, but meeting such lovely people tells me its the right thing to do!
take care my friend!
xx lori

Anonymous said...

Hello Jan. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and time spent with your daughters.
I think you should look into getting some kind of personal protection, like a 38cal.


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