Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Snow Day

No school again today because of the weather. It did stop snowing, however the roads are still iffy. When the school buses have a potential hazardous time, school closes. So much for the Homecoming festivities.

However, Annie is happily enjoying the snow with her friends. Last night they played at the park for hours. It reminded me of my days of glory. I wish we took pictures. I have these images in my head that make me smile, I wish I had them printed as well.

Back in my day, we hung out at a local golf course. For hours, we would hang out, sled, and, it was the seventies, so yeah, we also would have a drink or two to keep us warm. There would be dozens of teens all there from our school & a couple of rival schools. For the most part we all got along and had a blast.

Times were different then. The weather was too. Here in Indy we ALWAYS had snow in the winter. We had Blizzards. Tons of snow and school cancelled for a week.

The Blizzard of 77/78 was the best. The town shut down for a good week. I was a sophomore in high school. I will hold such memories of our neighborhood pulling together, digging out of our homes, and sharing and helping each other.

This photo is of my husband and his roommate taken around 78/79. Sergio is the cutie in the towel and army boots. That is Danny in his underwear. This priceless photo was found by Danny's wife. She had it blown up and framed for the guys. I love this photo. Isn't it great?

Annie back out again today. I want her to enjoy this weather and snow. I want her to make memories and I hope she takes pictures to cherish.

Just not in her undies!


Natalie said...

What a classic!

kim said...


Anonymous said...

Nice post-- I remember the many times from our young days even through High School sledding at Pleasant Run Golf Course-- freezing our butts off and sometimes walking back to the neighborhood half frozen.

This sure brought back some good memories.

We now are repeating the past with the next generation. Taking my nephews to the Ft. Harrison State Park sled hill. This is a great place to sled if you have never been.

Now much older-- still fun but now a lot more scarrier-- more afraid of getting hurt since we realize we are not indestructable.

Let's go sledding again!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my name,


janis said...

Kim~ Thanks, they are nice legs
Rich~ if only we had photos of those days, remember how beautiful walking down the frozen creek was at night? I can't believe our folks allowed us to walk! Annie is out sledding again, I think I will pass on going again, my body would snap! It has been too long.

Linda said...

Hilarious photo! :)

Your post brings back memories. I don't really recall the specific year of the blizzards - we had many growing up in the Chicago area. My parents always recall the Snowstorm of 1967 when we were living in Bourbonnais at the time. Snow drifts literally to the roof.

sroman said...

I haven't seen this photo in years! The blizzard of '78 was cool but you are right that we had tons of snow and snow days throughout our childhood. I'd love for us all to be sledding and romping now but I would probably break a hip.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your e-mail today. Nice to read who is monitoring your blog.

Hiked the trails at Ft. Harrison state park behing my house today. The heavy snow on the trail kicked my butt. Went by the HUGE sled hill and it brought back lots of memories. Will hope to get the nephews there on Sunday.

Just being nit picky but can't stand the music option you put on here. I find it distracting since I always have the television on when I read your blog. I shut it off but each time I read a comment and go back it starts over again.

Since I remember how much you and Sheri swatted back and forth over wallpaper backgrounds, etc, I do not feel bad about voicing my opinion.

Just my two cents worth,