Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank You To Our Service Men & Women

This is a re-post from a couple years ago.
I just want to say thank you to all the Service men & women
and their wonderful families for sharing them.
Thank you & God Bless.

On Friday a group of us went to lunch on the circle. There were hundreds of service men & women gathered for a parade and celebration. I felt a certain joy in my heart. I wanted to say thank you to each one of them. AJ, whom I work with is enlisted in the Air Force and will head off to basic training soon. I asked him if that was weird. He said, no, I think that is fine. I think we do not thank them enough.

My father, Thomas Meyer, was enlisted in the Navy. He served four years. He left in 1955 before graduating high school. He traveled the world. He met my Mom while stationed in San Antonio, Texas.

My Grandfather, Edward Wright, served our country with the Navy, during World War II. I can't imagine what he went through, or my Grandmother & Mother, worrying about him. Our technology was so different, can you imagine not hearing anything for months? The fear of has he been killed or became a prisoner of war? We were lucky. He came home safe and sound.

My Uncle Dave was in the Navy during the 70's.
My Grand-Grandfather Marquis Peters served World World I.
I know I have countless other relatives that served as well.
Sergio's brother, Homere, served the Marines, during the Vietnam War. Then re listed in the Army and served our country for an additional 21 years. He was a drill Sargent that prepared our military for service.

My daughters have friends today that enlist, and serve our country. Emily's High School sweetheart, Eddie Waltrop, has been a Marine for 4 years. He has volunteered to go overseas and to continue this fight for freedom. I worry about him. I pray for him.

I am very thankful of what these brave service men and women are doing for us and our country. Regardless to your views on the current war issues, because these brave souls enlist, we do not have to have a draft. I don't want anyone fighting for me that doesn't want or believe in it. I feel these Service men & women don't get enough recognition and I think we need to thank them more.

SO, join me in thanking them, praying for them and embracing them.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

More This and That of What's Up

I thought I would bore you with some stuff that has been going on lately.. lol
Okay not really boring, rather fun for me, but probably TMI as my Hubby would say.
Bryan & Kristy

Hubby & I had a fabulous time with our friends Bryan & Kristy at the Broad Ripple Art Fair Premiere. The Artist were fabulous and so gracious too. Fun to chat with them and learn about the Art.
Hubby & I

We drank some wine, ate great food catered from MAB, and walked the grounds enjoying the exhibits.
One of my favorite appitizer was this wonderful "Mashtini".  I tried to get a shot without actually letting anyone know I was taking the shot. Sorry it's a crappy shot!

You take a scoop of mashed potatoes, into a stemless martini glass, add any of the marvelous toppings of bacon, butter, sour cream, chives, gravy, etc... Absolutely FABULOUS!

We also enjoyed walking down the gardens and "playing at the Twisted House".
Hubby & I
Isn't this cool?

Later back to Bryan's for a little wine and chill.

We got a "new" used car.
It is basically Annie's car as she "traded" her little truck with her Dad & she will share this G6 with him when he has business trips.  This will allow her to built credit, we will keep the little Z71 Pick Up (that is an great little truck), and Hubby will still have a comfy set of wheels when he goes out of town (Annie will get the truck during Business trips) Crazy? Yeah, we do that sometimes!
Janis & Shari
This Pretty Little Blondie is a favorite cousin.  I was Blessed with her company last weekend as she came to visit from Quitman Texas to watch her Nephew (my Cousin Rob's son) graduate from High School.  What a joyous occasion seeing Walter graduate!
Shyanne & Walter
Me, Mom Walter & Shari
Later I had my Mom stay the night with Shari & I and we enjoyed watching Dancing with The Stars on DVR.
Me, Shari & Mom
We bought this Grill for the weekend also, but it came in a box... where it sat till today (one week later). I am proud that I helped Hubby put together!
Thinking about Grilling tonight...

Also "let" Hubby get his Father's Day gift early.

He is very excited.  I may even give it a whirl....maybe.

And finally, I will leave you with this.
Annie took me to a charming little new Cupcake Cafe called "Parma Sweets", yesterday.
I actually DROOLED.  We got a "heathly"Gulten Free" Chocolate for Hubby (inside the box)

While we went for the good stuff...
Smore's & Pineapple Upside Down
Annie chose the rich Smore's and I chose the Sweet Pineapple Upside Down Cupcake.  Along with an excellent cup of Java...
Yeah, I drooled!

The Incredible Marvelous Job

I know what you are thinking... "Yeah right. Don't we all after the first week? Especially when one has been laid off for 6 months?" Well, this is true, maybe, but there is something to be said about finding your niche. Your, "I fit, I am the missing link."
Applying for this position wasn't easy.
1st: I had to consider if I am willing to work evenings and give up my regular routine.  3:00pm -12:00am is not the greatest hours to be working for everyone. It messes with your your married life, your social life, and your sleep pattern.
2nd:  I had to consider a nine month position vs a twelve month position. Nine months means three months less pay.
Speaking of pay...
3rd: I had to consider taking a big pay cut.  Isn't that the way it often is? The really great jobs, pay very little.  We had to consider if this cut was going to be worth it.  Honestly, it is the main reason I had not considered looking into the position.  But sometimes, we realize, although salary is very important in our jobs, it isn't always the most important part of a job.

For years I have worked jobs that I was good at, but lacked passion.  Jobs that paid very well, but gave me nothing as far as gratitude. Ever since I young, I knew working with children was my passion.  I have oodles of youth leadership. that were rewarding when I volunteered myself to be Brownies, Girl Scouts, chaperoning, church organizations...

When we decided it may be worth a look, it's like God was leading me to this.  Through the hundreds of job searches I have made over the past year, never coming across my old job.  I found nothing in the State job offerings (this is a state paid job). So I went to the Indiana School For the Deaf website & BINGO! The job (Residential Assistant) was just posted that day... Seriously?

So I applied.
...I contacted a few of my old students (now all adults) and asked them to keep me in prayer as I just applied.  I was overwhelmed by their sweet encouragement and words.
...I decided to make one more little contact... I emailed the Superintendent of ISD.  Introduced myself, gave him some history of when I previously worked here and why I want to come back.
...he emailed me back... thanking me for sharing and wishing me luck.
...and I received another email from Director of Student Life, whom let me know that the Sup forwarded my email to her. oh boy....getting excited!
...then I got a phone call asking me for an interview... WHOO HOO!
...I was interviewed by both Assistant Deans (Boys & Girls).
...I sent my thank you for the interview emails and waited...
then I got the offer!
Whoo Hoo!

Welcome Back indeed!

I have to say, although nervous about the changes that 20 plus years could bring to a place, and the fear of my lack of ASL skills, I was truly impressed with what I returned to.

The Staff is AWESOME.
Everyone is welcoming and helpful. I even joyfully saw a familiar face from before.  Everyone patiently signs slowly for me and are eager to assist me with new signing words. The environment is good.  The children are well behaved and I sense a good balance of respect between students and staff.  I am anxious to work with these amazing kids.  Grateful to have Girls Dorm. (I love you Boys, but Good Golly you Boys are MESSY!)
So far I have floated from Dorm to Dorm learning each Resident Assistant's techniques and routines.  I have meet most all the girl students and am slowly learning the boys as well.  I do not know which Dorm I will be assigned for the Fall, as we all will have to wait and see.  I have a few favorite Staff RA's that I hope to be placed with but will be grateful wherever placed.  As long as it is mutual (I know one RA has made it clear she doesn't want to share a Dorm, I will probably get that Dorm.)

I think I can see myself in a Happily Ever After job placement here. It just feels right.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Hello my Dear Blogger friends~
How are you all?
I have so much catching up
It's gonna take me all weekend to catch up on reading 
everyone's Blogs!

I also have wonderful updates for you all

Guess what?
It's big...very BIG!

I'm Happy!
Yep! I am very happy!
This is wonderful news.
I have not had this kind of fulfillment and joy for some time.

The new job is splendid... just splendid♥

I feel I found my niche.  This is where I should be!
I worked here many years ago, and loved it then.
Wanted to be a Stay At Home Mommy
and never went back.
(until now)
Raising childern and working second shift would be so difficult.
I know many do and I feel very Blessed that I did not have too.
Now my Girls are grown up.
They do not need me to be home for them in the 
afternoons & evenings.
They don't even live at home much anymore.
They are willing (and eager) to share me with children.
Children that need me.
So, my new adventure begins...
and I am so excited!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Best Two Little Words

may be the best three little words we need to hear
are the best two little words I got to hear this morning.


hospice volunteer

hospice~ : a facility or program designed to provide a caring environment for meeting the physical and emotional needs of the terminally ill. 
That is the definition I found in the Merriam Webster Dictionary.
In fact, most of the definitions were very much the same, yet as I have completed my 3rd week in Hospice Training, I find it to be so much more than that.
At the Hospital that I am training with, it consist of a team that focus is caring beyond curing.

The team consist of:
  • Nurse / Care Manager
  • Social Worker
  • Spiritual Care Coordinator
  • Hospice Aide
  • Therapists
  • Dietians
  • Volunteers
That's where I fall in.  My decision to become a volunteer has been pecking at me for some time. I just didn't realize what that little voice or calling was. I felt a void, but didn't realize it was a need to serve.
I have learned so much not only about Hospice, Patients, Caretakers, Family dynamics, and Death & Dying process, but about my own dynamics and my own spirituality.

This isn't for everyone.
You have to be compassionate yet genuine. You have to know how to treat one with respect not pity. Dignity not condescending.

How I see it, is, these patients are at the end of life...We will all die one day. No getting around that. However, we may not all know when our time is near. We may not experience daily pain and suffering. Worry over loved ones, financial situations, and the hereafter.  If we are lucky, we will live a grand life and peacefully die. But, that isn't the way it is for everyone. Some are faced with long grueling exhausting diseases that deplete us. Some have a shorter illness but knowing their time is short, well, I can't imagine as I have never been in this situation.

And there is the families. The friends. The feeling of uselessness as they can not protect or "save" their loved ones. The how can I make it better...What can I do for you... The anguish of failure that I can't "fix" you.

My role as a volunteer will be one of many hats. I am here not only to assist patients but to assist families. To relieve. To give an extra hand. To give some valuable time.
I may be needed to sit with a patient. To read. To talk. To laugh.
I may be needed to clean. To cook. To help with household chores.

I will be a chameleon. I will be what they need me to be.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fashion 101-1980

These are my lifetime favorite piece of clothing I have ever owned. My floral high waist-ed skinny size 2 jeans.  I bought them the spring of my Senior year, 1980. I looked awesome in them. They were the most loved jeans ever. I took them to college, I took them to Texas, I took the to Florida. Where-ever I went, they came with me.  With all the hundreds of pictures I have of the eighties, and as often as I wore them, you'd think I have at least one photograph wearing them.  But I don't.  And I can't wear them now.  BUT I have held on to them... Look how lovely the colors and fabric is!
Annie borrowed them once her Senior year for Decades day...again no photograph.
BUT, wait...flash forward to this week. 
Annie has asked me if she can have them & cut them into shorts.  hmmmm.. By Golly YES! Give those Holy Jeans a new life! So she tried them on before the sewing project...
That's what I am talking about! They fit pretty darn well. The cutting and sewing will soon begin. I think I will make a little pillow from the pant legs for me♥

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quondam Tuesday ~ Naps~

Random napping shots.

My inspiration for Naps

Chase (friend)
Emily & Grandma Kitty
Annie & Chase
Sergio & Emily
Annie, Sergio & Emily
Bruno & Riley
Emily & Richie
Sergio, Annie & Emily
Lucy & April
Annie & Emily
Annie & Riley
I have more... I didn't even post my favorites. But I have too many up as is so I will stop now.
Kind of makes you want to take a little nap doesn't it?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Social Media Revolation

Annie shared this with me today.  Maybe you have already seen this.  Today was my first.
Very interesting facts about Social Network.  Very true.
Click and enjoy.

Flea Market Style

Flea Market Style 2011
Let me say, I rarely ever will spend $10.00 on a magazine.
The other day while I was waiting on my Pharmacist to fill a prescription I flipped through the magazine. Oh My Gosh! This is an awesome find!
I had to buy! I'm not sure I will actually ever do these projects and or buy these items, but I want to!
How cool is this? What a brilliant idea! Especially for a boys room.
This article was on the coolest house. They had some really great collection pieces. I absolutely LOVE the side table! It is an old washing machine tub insert with a glass tabletop! So clever!  And, you know how I love bowls & jars full of collections. The antique cue balls are a great pop of color. This, I can see myself doing.
Check out this "How to" on transforming shirts into crafty items! The next page gave a great project transforming a shirt to a wine gift bag. Another into a lampshade. There are simple instructions and they look great.
Look at these Ball Flowers! Aren't they cool?
I also loved this ideal of transforming vintage rulers into re-purposed items. I would like to try making a frame with some. I remember these being given away from salesmen with logos of their employment. Especially remember Hardware stores, Realtors, and politicians.
This is my favorite! (The reason I bought the magazine).  Isn't this amazing???
 It is made almost completely of this woman's Flea Market finds. She envisioned it and started collected pieces to be included in it for years. Her Husband, Father, and two Sons built it for her as a Mother's Day gift. 
Oh My!  Tooooooooo Coooooool!
I want my Hubby to make this for me!

Butterflies at 100 Miles per Minute

I am  very excited and very stressed all wrapped up in one. It has been a week of difficult situations, with some bittersweet moments thrown in.
On one hand everything looks lovely and on the other frightful.

My weekend on the other hand was pure bliss (except for my oral trauma that is still much pain). I enjoyed my daughters & my Hubby. We ate out a lot, did some shopping and enjoyed the beautiful weather on Saturday. We laughed a lot, and had great conversations. One of those rare weekends where everyone was happy at the same time.

I have been unemployed for 26 weeks now. That's six months... Hard to fathom.  We have managed, but it has been tight. I scrimp where I can and have managed to continue to help the girls with college expenses as well as a mountain of "unexpected" bumps.  I have been so discouraged. I pump out several applications per week. Can you imagine how unwanted one feels, email after email, with the, thank you BUT... It makes me crazy! I hadn't even gotten an interview.  Well, that isn't exactly true... I did get a phone interview but that must not have gone as well as I thought, and was cut from the short list.

I did get an opportunity recently and grabbed it with both hands, to get noticed and even a real interview.  I felt good about it...for the most part. The interview was brief and to the point. I had two people asking me questions, and one interpreter ( my interviewers are both Deaf & although I know ASL, having the interpreter was wonderful knowing exactly what is being said). I was told a decision would be made within 2 weeks & I would be notified then.  I sent my Thank You emails for the interview & opportunity, and now I am waiting...
it's day 7.
Don't you hate waiting?
I am so impatient.
What's worse is I want this job so badly.  They need me as much as I need them.
This is a wonderful job for me and I know I can succeed with it.
I once held this very position...twenty-some years ago.  Sometimes, I wish I did not quit, but, I did to raise my children. It was the right thing to do at the time & we are Blessed that I was able to be a Stay At Home Mommy.
But now, here I am.
Many years later...many jobs later.
In all my years, this was THE JOB.
It wasn't a high paying one.
It wasn't an opportunity to grow to higher positions one.
It was a rewarding job.
It was a challenging job.
It was a job where I was able to make a difference, and was able to empower others.

Twenty-some years later, I am in contact with several of the children (now adults) that were in my care.  The kind words they give me about what I was to them make me realize that was my calling. I am such a people person. I need to comfort, to teach, to empower, to love. Children, Adults, Seniors, Animals. I am a lover. My heart is always out there.

Now, as I wait, thoughts swim through my brain. Will I be as good? Will I be as much as an asset?
The wait continues.  I will keep looking and keeping my options open. If this isn't the job, I will find one. Hopefully, one that I can love and be a strong team member until I am ready to retire. 

Fingers crossed...prayers welcomed... lets get good news this week♥