Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm REALLY a Writer!

I have been writing my whole life.
From a little girl with Diaries, to my dear Blog.  I have written newsletters, proof for marketing writers, and have always loved writing letters.
For me the words flow better on paper than through my lips.  I can't always say what I mean unless I am writing it.  On print, the thoughts come out, uninterrupted and more how I mean to say what I mean.

I am a reader.  I escaped to storybooks as soon as I could read.  The library was my friend.  Everything about the massive old buildings with the hundreds of books enticed me. I loved every minute spent in the library.  I still do.

I know a few real writers.
I have blogged recently about one of them.  My High School Club Sister, Sherri Wood Emmons  and her two wonderful novels ("Prayers & Lies", and "The Sometimes Daughter"). Her second one is about to be release to the general public and I do not doubt that it will be just as successful if  not more so.

A few months back, Sherri asked me to send her a review of some favorite books.  I gladly did, and to my surprise, she connected me with "Just Women", magazine, and submitted my reviews.  They wanted to use them and printed in their Fall issue a full page!  I can not tell you how honored and thrilled I am!  And I actually got paid for it!!!
 So totally cool!  I feel very proud and validated. I know it's something small to many, but it is HUGE to me.  Sherri truly has made me feel wonderful and I am so grateful.
To my dear Bloggland friend Linda (over at Over The Fence) is it this wonderful every time you write in your column? How exhilarating!


Linda said...

Hi Janis,
:) This is wonderful and I'm very proud of you!

As to your sweet question (thanks for mentioning me), I did used to feel that way at the beginning when my column came out every month. I'm not paid for that work - none of the columnists are for our newspaper, but I've done it faithfully, always ahead-of-schedule every month for 4 years now (beginning my 5th year with the upcoming January column). I've looked at it as a God-given blessing of opportunity. Like you, I've always loved writing best, and yet I didn't really ever plan on writing a column. When the opportunity arose, I had the choice of whatever I wanted - I chose monthly and I'm glad I did because anything more frequent, would have stressed me out, considering it's not my only responsibility.

But getting back to your question - Yes I felt that way at the beginning, but unfortunately not so much anymore. Now, I kind of stare at the column each month with my picture in there, and wonder - who is really reading this?

Still, I keep at it.

Love, Linda

Scott said...

Congratulations, Janis! I'm very impressed, and more importantly, I'm just very happy for you. I have gotten my name in the acknowledgement section of a few books, but I've certainly never had anything I've written published, nor do I ever expect to. I had to settle with printing out my blog in book form, as you suggested. It looks great and I can pretend it is a real book. So keep writing, whether for your blog, for a magazine, or just for your pleasure and/or sanity. May the words keep flowing!

Bee Lady said...

Congratulations janis. Can I get an autographed copy?!?!!

Cindy Bee


Nice work. I personally appreciate your perspective and honesty; very glad that you've received acknowledgment of your voice. Written, of course.

An English Shepherd said...

Congratulations :-)

Mimi Sue said...

Sooo cool! You've got the writing talent for sure. Hope your Christmas was delightful. Mimi

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your visit. I think that is wonderful do have a gift of expressing yourself with full honesty, love that! Happy New Year to you! ;D