Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Sometimes Daughter

You may have remembered me reviewing a book back in March, from my friend, Author, Sherri Wood Emmons.  The book was Prayers and Lies, and was absolutely wonderful. I was so intrigued with the story and Sherri has such a gift of writing.
Well, she has done it again!
While anxiously waiting for January's release of Sherri's new novel, she surprised me with an advance copy. I was THRILLED!
Sherri Wood Emmons has not disappointed readers with this new novel, The Sometimes Daughter.
Oh my Gosh...
Ms. Emmons, you have done it again!
The Sometimes Daughter, had me riveted in my chair, relishing every page.  Over the next 48 hours, I spent every available minute glued to the book. I carried it with me everywhere, trying to get a page in when I could.I ignored everything else and was swept away into the main character, Sweet Judy Blue Eyes, world.
Ms. Emmons has a true gift with words.  She can capture you and quickly transform you into a place and time. I felt I could see, smell and feel everything Sweet Judy was going through.
For myself, part of this splendor, was the fact that Ms Emmons used her setting for the book, a place called Irvington, tucked into Indianapolis, back between August of 1969 through the early 1980's. I know this place well.  It is where and when I grew up. Therefore, I had an extra bonus of revisiting this time and place.
From Sweet Judy's birth at Woodstock to her Hippie parents, through many interesting twist and turns, you will find this to be a wonderful page-turner.  As Judy grows to understand her differences in life, the dysfunctions of her Mother, as well as the triumphs of her Father always being there for her, we watch her struggle to find herself and what is most important to her.
There are a couple of times in the book I found myself getting mad over the choices she makes. The art of a really good story, the characters, are exactly that, finding their own way, not "my way". Which intrigued me more and made me want more.  Judy is not always predictable.  She learns through the choices and consequences made. She is a very likeable character, easy to identify with.
As I neared the end of the book, I found myself not wanting the story to end... there is so much more I want to know. However, I must say, I was pleased with its ending.  I am known to "Throw a book across the room", if the ending doesn't agree with me.  I am happy to report, this book ended with me holding it tightly and sighing with a tear or two.

Oh my Ms Sherri!  You are a talented writer.  I absolutely, can not wait for your third book!

You can find The Sometimes Daughter coming soon to a bookstore near you or please go HERE to order now.  Release date is January 31, 2012


Linda said...

The book cover is lovely :)

Scott said...

Loved her first book, so now I know what I'll be adding to my birthday list in April. Thanks for alerting us!

Bee Lady said...

Hi Janis,

Hope all is well with you. How cool that your friend is an author and you get first dibbs on reading her books! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how your Christmas tree skirts were coming along. I will be at the Granny Bees tomorrow for the Ornament Extravaganza. You should bring your material and work on those skirts and chat with all of us.

Cindy Bee