Friday, June 10, 2011


Yoga (Sanskrit, Pāli: योग yóga) refers to traditional physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines, originating in ancient India, whose goal is the attainment of a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility...wikpedia

 This week I joined a Yoga class.  I use to LOVE Yoga. Back when I was super limber, thin and healthy.  That was twelve years ago.  My dear friend Jill forced me to go because I use to make fun of her..especially the whole "Ohm" part.
Well, dear Jill has re-entered my life.  I am tickled she has moved back to Indianapolis (in fact we live in the same neighborhood). She is getting me back on my toes.  Jill's my Buddy that I worked for/with many years ago at our children's school as lunch room ladies.  I also helped out on ocassion when she ran a catering company at a private college.  Then she moved away...Bad Jill!.  Ahh but wait... the birth of her precious Grandson made her come back to Indy. (Yay! Thanks Dalton!)  She is the Buddy that had the English Tea Party for the Royal Wedding (go HERE .
So anyway....
Jill is still into Yoga and I feel so stiff, restricted, and well old.  I have been wanting for some time to find another class but without Jill, I seem to find the crappy ones.  Jill let me tag along on Tuesday to
Healing Arts Indy. A beautiful old building downtown with, drum roll please... the BEST YOGA class ever! Now if you go to this link, it will show you some instructor I don't know... Jerrilee Lucas is my absolute fabulous instruction, whom, dare I say, I have fallen in love with her after just one session. Jerrilee's business card has several locations so I am guessing she travels a bit to teach her classes.
Yogis hold the belief that the body, mind, and spirit must be in balance in order for a person to be in harmony with themselves and their environment. This is achieved through exercise, breathing and meditation- the three main yogic structures. Yoga poses improve circulation, stimulate abdominal organs, and put pressure on the glandular system of the body, which generally results in less stress and better health.

 I think I'm a natural once again. Check this photo of me out:
Don't be jealous..

lol.. Serious is that a real person?
or how about this one:
This is more like my favorite pose: 
Ironically it is titled "corpse pose" .
I am really enjoying this class.  I still giggle when they make you do the Ohmmmm. I am trying to respect and understand the meaning of the mantra. But still feel silly therefore must giggle.

Another great thing is this amazing Deli across the street. So if it gets to be  too much I can always be this person:
(warning..this cartoon is rated R due to language). It so made me crack up. That's Jill the blonde & me in pig tails.

A Natalie Cartoon


ellen abbott said...

I love yoga. it always makes me feel tall afterwards. I used to go once a week to a friend's house with some other girl friends, but she moved to New Orleans to be near her daughter. I haven't done any since. not so good about doing it on my own at home and there's no class out here in the country.

janis said...

Ellen~ after my first class instructor retired, I didnt care for the replacement. Then I made the mistake of signing up for a "friends" class. SHE WAS TERRIBLE. What's worst is she lived close & wanted to teach private lessons at my home. She kept hinting that I had the perfect location for our neighborhood to have a regular class there. I faked being super busy with work until she final moved on. I wouldnt want them in my home. I love going to this cool 200 yr old building and the environment lets me soak into the experience.

Reality Jayne said...

I love power yoga...If done regularly...It is a good way to stay in shape...without all the jumping around crap.

An English Shepherd said...

I thought yoga was something you keep in the fridge ;-)

Lori ann said...

That's great Janis! Im so glad you found a good teacher. I don't go to classes ( they are 20.00 a session where I live) but use DVDs instead or the online classes of

It's a wonderful thing to have in your life!

p.s. The cartoon is funny :)

Scribe said...

My knees don't allow that pretzel business... though I'm completely jealous. I want to bend in half... I do!

Bee Lady said...

I have this am yoga video that I did a couple of times. I liked it, but I felt so relaxed afterwards I had to drink more coffee to get motivated! OK - SO I just got this visual after reading that cartoon of a bunch of us practicing cartwheels together! whenever you feel down just think about that. I mean, maybe you can do them but I sure can't. I'm guessing a bunch of others can't either. So I started laughing, just thinking about it. I'd like to have it on video.

HEy, When Harry gets married, I want to be invited to that tea party dammit!!!!

Cindy Bee

janis said...

RJ~ Power yoga sounds cruel.. I liek to lay around..tee hee
Wizz~ Good girl! My dogs love to lick the lid of Yogurt!
Lori~ I do better with the assistance of on hands teachers(at least for now).I love the atmosphere of this old building, the kinship of the ladies taking it {some group of 8}, this wonderful instructor, and at $50 for 4 classes.. I don't mind so much. I can only do this till School starts in August, then will have to find a day class or on my own.
Scribe~ you crack me up.
Cindy Bee~ I would love to host a Tea for Harry's wedding. Remind me whenever the young Playboy decides to settle down!