Monday, May 16, 2011

Social Media Revolation

Annie shared this with me today.  Maybe you have already seen this.  Today was my first.
Very interesting facts about Social Network.  Very true.
Click and enjoy.


Julie Harward said...

It is all so amazing isn't it?! I feel lucky to understand as much as I do about all this. I think these little ones coming to the earth are coming tecnology savvy! :D

Linda said...

Yep, interesting! I'm one of the 8 who met my husband online but not through anything like facebook or dating sites. We were playing Euchre on the long-defunct MSN Euchre site. Who knew? Especially since he was living in Canada at the time. ;)

As for the rest, my Dad will be 86 this year and he uses Facebook, though not too regularly.

My husband, however, hates Facebook and will not use it at all.

Then there are the cell phones - you know my thoughts. I rarely ever use mine, other than to text my daughter. I never call anyone and mostly it just sits in my purse dead.

So, while I embrace "some" technology, I'm still much more intrigued by working in the yard and being in the garden. :)

Vanna said...

It def is a major thing. I am young...very young still ( I like to think lol) but I can still remember when I had moved me and my friend (even though we had phones) still hand wrote and mailed letters to each other. Then we started emailing and calling. Now we web chat and text and send birthday e-cards to each other. It is crazy. I didnt even have a facebook until last year. I was so very out of date with getting involved. Now I love being able to see what my family and close friends are doing who live so far away. Thats all I really use it for nowadays.


Fascinating stuff, and it's clearly revolutionary in every sense of the word when one looks at the role of social media played in 'Arab spring' events in several countries. But on the other hand, I experience a sense of, 'so what?' for stats like, "Aston Kutcher has more twitter followers that Sweden." To me, that doesn't prove the power, usefulness, or 'goodness' of social media, it just proves there are a lot of morons in the world...which we already knew.